Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Writing Class

Hello! these is the content outline for your final project:

Writing Class

Introducing yourself

Unit 1 Journalism.

Writing:- Topic sentences- main idea- controlling idea

Unit 2 Advertising.

Three part paragraph:- Topic sentence- supporting sentences- concluding sentences. Writing an opinion about the Korean video by Kiss.

Unit 3 Finding a job

Job postings- writing a cover letter- writing a resume.

Unit 4 Pros and cons

Tree graph- transition expressions. Writing a paragraph about advantages and disadvantages.

Unit 5 Outlining

Writing a three paragraph composition- Writing a poem: persona-poem and cinquain

Now, a description of what and how you're going to include it in your final project blog:

Final Project

Create your own blog to showcase your best work!

A good way to show your portfolio is by using a blog and posting it in the Internet. The process of putting together a writing portfolio will also give you the chance to reflect on your own work and how you have grown as a writer.

For our project you'll organize your work chronologically.

You should include:

1. A title for your blog.

2. An introductory paragraph focusing on what you did during your English writing class. As you write your introductory essay, keep in mind these guidelines:

Here are some questions to consider when writing your introduction. You do not need to answer all of the questions but you can use them to guide your writing:

• What is your opinion about your writing course?
• Write a general description of your classes. What did you wrote about? What kind of paragraph writing did you learn to write?
• What exactly are you writing about in your blog? Include a table of contents listing the title, category, and date of each piece.

3. Include an entrance per unit and discuss each piece individually. Add pictures, links, or videos to illustrate your work. Here are some guiding questions. Choose one or two to address per unit discussed:

• What's the unit about?
• What did you learn in this unit?
• What skills did you work on when working in this unit?
• How did you brainstorm, revise, and edit?
• Who gave you feedback and help?

4. A conclusion reflecting on what you learned from reading the compilation of your works. Use these guidelines as you write your conclusion:

Read all of your pieces.

Here are some questions to consider when you write your project conclusion:
• Reflect on your work during the semester.
• What subject matter did you like the most? What didn't you like? What subject was interesting or boring to write about?
• What do you think about having your classes in the lab and writing a blog to showcase your work?
• How have you evolved as a writer and English student?
• What are your future writing plans?

Well, have fun working and reflecting on what you have done during our time together.
It's been really nice to have been your teacher!

Keep on shining!



gaby salerni said...

i really liked your blog, is very interesting. please check out my blog. thank you. see ya.

vane butterfly said...

Hi!! Teacher
I'm very happy about all the stuff that we learn in your class.
It has been a wonderful experience to learn about all sorts of tasks from expressing yourself to do our own resume and cover letter.
This little things help us to be a better writer and have more knowledge in the future.

Thanks for all. Bye