Monday, May 21, 2007

Let's create a comix strip! Bonus Task!!!!!

Well, this is something really fun! Imagine you can create your own cartoons. Let's do that just for fun. Go to and try to design a cartoon. First, write a short conversation with two characters. Next, start designing your cartoon. Just follow the instructions. Don't forget to send me your cartoon by email.

This is a bonus task to get extra credits for your first term.

Keep on shining!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcoming new level 7 students!

Today I had the pleasure to meet a new group of students. They are from different schools and different worlds... Most of them are from Maracaibo.. there's one girl from Lecheria. Lecheria is in Anzoategui State.
This group is going to be working in "Ingles Estrategico Occupacional" . This class is going to be about their field of expertise... their careers.

They are:
Gabriela Gutierrez is from Maracaibo and a graphic design student. Her blog is this:
Sergio Portillo is also from Maracaibo and an Electronic Engineering student. His blog is
Yamila Souki is from Maracaibo and a Graphic Design Student. Her blog is
Daniela Troiani is from Lecheria and a Graphic Design Student. Her blog is
Franco Roversi is from Maracaibo and an industrial engineering Student. His blog is
Rossana Romero from Graphic Design School
Juan Viscaino from Electronic Engineering School

Well, I'll keep on adding more students... not all them showed up for class today... our first class together.
Keep on shining!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May- August 2007 EFL Students

Here, they are... My new trimester students. They belong to Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

May - August 2007 EFL students

Keep on shining!

First day of Class! Trimester May- August 2007

Well, Finally we started our new trimester! Everybody was happy and excited... a new adventure ... a new trimester... a world of possibilities....

May you have lots of fun this new trimester and learn a lot, share a lot, grow a lot...

Merry new Trimester!!!! Keep on shining!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Maracunator Factory!

Hello, there! my friend teacher Nelba suggested we should showcase our best blogs in the project, so today we'll start introducing Maracunator's Factory!

But who's this Maracunator? Well, he's an Informatics Engineering student who likes videogames, anime and the Internet. And I have to add that he's an excellent human being! Christian was specially helpful to his classmates. He's a tutor at the lab and his command of the language allowed him to give his aprtners advice in both computer skills and English. He helped edit some of his classmates compositions. The best about Christian is that he supports his partners and motivates them to keep on working on their blogs.

I liked his blog a lot. In his blog you'll find that he tried to repor his work and how he felt about working with blogs.

Congratulations for the good work.... Christian Meier!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome Nuvein Foundation!

Nuvein Foundation has added our widget to their blog so they will be following what we do in our little projet Writingmatrix. This is what I found out about them:

Nuvein Foundation is a non-profit literary foundation that raises awareness for the creative arts. They are a collection of writers, artists, teachers, and arts enthusiasts who provide scholarships to students of creative arts and hold community arts programs. They also publish and maintain Nuvein Magazine online.

You can visit their site and blog here: Nuvein Foundation Nuvein and Stuff