Thursday, June 21, 2012

Level 5 Unit 4 - Today's trends

Topic: Modern Trends and fashions 

According to Wikipedia.............. Trend may refer to:
  • Fads and trends, including fashion trend
    • Trendsetter (or early adopter), person who starts (or follows early on) a fashion or technology trend before most other people
  • Market trend, prolonged period of time when prices in a financial market are rising or falling faster than their historical average, also known as "bull" and "bear" markets, respectively

Trendy topics

Vocabulary: Family 

Video: That's a family!

What kind of family do you have?

- Nuclear Family: It is a family group consisting of a father and mother and their children,who share living quarters.
Blended Family: Family who is divorced and re-grouped.

- Extended Family: Family who has grandparents and children living together.
- Traditional: Normal families 
- Non traditional:  no classical families.

Family vocabulary

- Step mother or father
Mother or father who is not your biological father or mother but is married with your biological father or mother.
- Half Brother or sister: Sister / brother who is not your biological sister/brother.

- Single parents
- Married parents
- Divorced parents
- Foster parents
- Step parents
- Adopting parents
- Working parents.
- Stay-at-home parents

Read about families in the USA:

Statistics on US Families 

Nontraditional Families Becoming More Traditional

Family Statistics

Grammar: Quantity expressions; 

Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing

Expressing agreement
  • I agree with you 100 percent.
  • I couldn't agree with you more.
  • That's so true.
  • That's for sure.
  • (slang)
  •  Tell me about it!
  • You're absolutely right.
  • Absolutely.
  • That's exactly how I feel.
  • Exactly.
  • I'm afraid I agree with James.
  • I have to side with Dad on this one.
  • No doubt about it.
  • (agree with negative statement)
  •  Me neither.
  • (weak)
  •  I suppose so./I guess so.
  • You have a point there.
  • I was just going to say that.
Expressing disagreement
  • I don't think so.
  • (strong)
  •  No way.
  • I'm afraid I disagree.
  • (strong)
  •  I totally disagree.
  • I beg to differ.
  • (strong)
  •  I'd say the exact opposite.
  • Not necessarily.
  • That's not always true.
  • That's not always the case.
  • No, I'm not so sure about that.

Exercise on disagreeing

Fashion and Style

What is your opinion about fashion and style? what's your style? what kind of clothes do you wear?
Take the quiz:

for more fashion vocabulary:

Clothes /Accessories/Fashion
Fashion Talk:
Teen Styles:

Video: What's your style?

giving advice with could, should, ought to and had better. 


1. Write a paragraph to describe families in our country  and your family.  Use the vocabulary discussed in class.
2. Ask your friends about trends in your university. Write a composition with photos, and statics of what you found out. How many people id you talk to? what are URBE's trends in fashion, music, discos, movies, ...?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Level 1. Unit 4 - What are you doing?

Things to do and say

Things we are doing:
Listening to music
watching tv
playing the guitar

Telling what you are doing right now
Pio is drawing a kitten

A: What is Pionia doing?
B: She's drawing a kitten.

Pio is reading a book.

What's Pionia doing?
She's reading a book.

She is sitting down and relaxing on a chair.
What's Pionia doing?

How are you doing?
A. Hi, Mary. How are you doing?
B. Great. How about you?
A: I'm okay.

Pronunciation: Question intonation
Are you cooking?
What are you doing?

Taking about school subjects

A: what school do you go to?
B: I go to Engineering school in URBE.
A. What are your favorite subjects?
B. English and math. What about you?.
A: what classes are you taking this trimester?
B: I’m taking a six classes… a math class, an English class, ….
A: How are you doing in your classes?
B: I’m dong well in English but I’m not doing so well in math.

School Subjects
Physical Edu.

Grammar Points to Practice

The present continuous

A: What are you doing?
B: I’m listening to music.

Iam not playing.Am I playing?
he, she, itHe is playing.He is not playing.Is he playing?
you, we, theyYou are playing.You are not playing.Are you playing?

Spelling Rules
Cook  - cooking
Study - studying
Come - coming
Swim - Swimming

Extended time

Actions happening right now
I’m studying for a test right now.
Craig is talking on the phone

Actions happening these days
I’m taking six classes this trimester
Maria is studying at engineering school


1. Exercise 1 - Form
2. Exercise 2 - Affirmative Sentences
3. Exercise 3 - Negative Sentences
4. Exercise 4 - Yes/No questions
5. Exercise 5 - Information Questions


1. Make a photo story with photos of people doing things. Write sentences. Use animoto.

2. Look for a photo with lots of people doing different things. Write sentences describing what they are doing. Use positive and negative sentences. Look at the following example:

The birds are singing.
The cat is climbing the tree to catch the poor little birds.
Paul is watering the flowers..... Paul isn't reading a book.
The ducks are swimming. They're not flying.

3. Interview yourself and two friends about your school life. Record your conversation or make a video. Use the following questions:

How are you doing?
What's your name?
Where are you from?
what school do you go to?
What trimester are you in?
Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior?
What are your favorite subjects?
what classes are you taking this trimester?
How are you doing in your classes?

Write three paragraghs, reporting your interview

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A poem for Dad!

According to Wikipedia.....

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father's Day complements Mother's Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.

Well, ....we are celebrating Father's Day next Sunday.. what are you doing to tell your mom how much you love him...?

This is an idea.... Write a poem!!!

In order to do that here you can fin three examples:  Fun EFL Task: Writing a Poem

This is a little one I made for my mom..

Dario Boscan
By: Doris Molero

Generous, responsible, loving, inspiring
Father of  Dario, 
Ivan, Ruben, Ivoncita, and Doris  
Who loves his family, Arrow Shirts and helping others
Who is afraid of  crime, criminals and being alone
Wants to see his grandchildren grow and his family happy
Resident of my heart

Well, have fun writing a little something for your dads.. and Happy Father Day to all the dad of the world!

Monday, June 4, 2012

1st Term Tasks May-July 2012

Greeting everyone.. we are in exam week!!! well, hope you all have had fun during the first term. Now, What are some of the task we will posting in our blogs... Well, here they are:

Level 1
About me task- Mind map

Unit 1
Interview four friends
Unit 2
People from the world

Great blogs for level 1
Samer Buitrago
Monica Nuñez
David Melean
Jose Godoy
Jessica Tambo
Geovanna Pinzon

Level 2
About me task- Mind map

Unit 7
Schedule: What do you do during the week and the weekend?
Unit 8
Interview a friend

Great blogs for level 2
Andreina Chourio

Level 4
About me task- Mind map

Unit 7
Write a short paragraph about things you need to change
Write about your bad habits and bad qualities
Write about what you'd like and like to do
Write about your plans after you graduate

Unit 8
Write about your heroes: present, past, community, movies, personal and cartoons

Great blogs for level 4
Javier Rivero
Diego Barrera

Level 5
About me task- Mind map

Unit 1

A. Make a mindmap about people in your life. Use photos or drawings. Write about 2 people in your family , school life, work, neighbourhood, online and a hero.  Explain your mindmap, explain why those people are in your life.

B. My memories: Good memories of high school. Make a photo story. Use or Include images and text. Use these questions to help you: Where did you go to school? What was your favorite subject? Who was your favorite teacher? My best friend in high school: Who was your best friend in high school? What are some things you did together? What is one happy memory you have of this person?

Unit 2

1. design a collage with different kind of foods and describe then. use adjectives to describe food. You can create a slide show.. ( or Use images and text.

2. Describe a dish from your favorite country in the world. Use these question: What type of food is it?, How does it taste?, Is is a hot/cold food?, What is in it?, How do you eat it?, When do you eat it?

3. Writing: Restaurant review
Choose two restaurants and compare then. Use comparatives and superlatives. Describe the food. talk about prices, location, and service.

Great blogs for level 5
no one yet.. :(

Well, remember grammar exercises, dictation, facebook tasks... all must be in your blog, too!

Keep on shining Love and Peace!