Sunday, February 20, 2011

Understanding how SL viewer 2 works

These are resources that will help you on understanding how SL viewer 2 works...

1. Introduction to Second Life Viewer 2 - ICT4LT 
This is a woderful guide prepared  by Graham Davies

2. A video Introduction to Second Life Viewer 2

If you have any questions, don't hesitate in asking...

Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Think Green... Be Eco Friendly

This video give us more ideas on how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle... Because 3 is a magic number!

Now, after watching the video .. what are some tips they give you in the video to work the magic 3?

Did you like the song?... these are the words... come on let's sing it!!!!

Keep on shining love and peace! and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle... you are a firework!!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our 2nd Tour in SL: Paris 1900

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Susy22ve meets Lady Pandora: A conversation in SL

Susy came to SL today... we went to Paris 1900 with MaryOrtega and also had he chance to meet Lady Pandora.. a friend that lives in the Mist. The Mist is where URBE EFL Center is located. This is the conversation we had:

[17:12]  Pionia Destiny: greetings, lady pandora
[17:12]  Pionia Destiny: how are you?
[17:12]  Pionia Destiny: this is one of my students from real life
[17:12]  Pandora Fireguard: Greetings, Lady Pionia
[17:13]  Pandora Fireguard: How are you?
[17:13]  Pionia Destiny: fine thanks.. and you my dear
[17:13]  Pionia Destiny: I am showing her SL..
[17:13]  Pandora Fireguard: Greetings, miss.
[17:13]  Pandora Fireguard: A pleasure to meet you.
[17:13]  susy22ve: Hello Pandora
[17:13]  Pandora Fireguard: Smiles
[17:14]  Pandora Fireguard: I hope you are having fun in Second Life.
[17:14]  Pandora Fireguard: I am from the United States.
[17:14]  Pandora Fireguard: From the east coast,
[17:15]  Pandora Fireguard: The region is called New England.
[17:15]  susy22ve: yes, it is very funny
[17:15]  Pandora Fireguard: and I am from the state of Connecticut, two hours from New York City.
[17:15]  susy22ve: I'm from venezuela.
[17:16]  Pandora Fireguard: Oh, how nice. I have heard Venezuela is very nice.
[17:16]  susy22ve: yes, it is beautifull
[17:16]  Pionia Destiny: Susy has a beautiful little girl...
[17:17]  Pandora Fireguard: And you have good gas prices. Do you make gas from plants?
[17:17]  Pandora Fireguard: To drive your cars?
[17:17]  Pandora Fireguard: Bio fuel?
[17:17]  Pionia Destiny: no... *shakes.. her head*
[17:17]  Pionia Destiny: we produce oil..
[17:18]  Pionia Destiny: we kill the planet... :(
[17:18]  Pandora Fireguard: oh, i know you produce it for export, but i thought you use bio fuel, too.
[17:18]  susy22ve: the price is very low
[17:18]  Pandora Fireguard: i have learned something.
[17:19]  Pandora Fireguard: indeed.
[17:19]  Pandora Fireguard: You are fortunate to be with Miss Pionia.
[17:19]  Pandora Fireguard: smiles
[17:19]  Pandora Fireguard: She is very nice and very smart.
[17:19]  susy22ve: teacher i need to go. to sleep my baby.
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: well, my dear.. it was a pleasure to talk to you...
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: that's OK.. my dear..
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: it's getting late..
[17:20]  Pandora Fireguard: It was a pleasure to meet you.
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: thanks for your kidness lady Pan...
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: smiles
[17:20]  Pandora Fireguard: Please come whenever you like.
[17:20]  susy22ve: pandora nice to meet you, i wait see you later
[17:20]  Pandora Fireguard: Thank you for bringing her, Miss Pionia.
[17:20]  Pionia Destiny: besitos, my dear
[17:21]  Pionia Destiny: i will see you tomorrow
[17:21]  susy22ve: bye
[17:21]  susy22ve: see you
[17:21]  Pandora Fireguard: Besitos
[17:21]  susy22ve: besitos
[17:21]  Pandora Fireguard: Bye.
[17:21]  susy22ve is Offline

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jan-Apr 2011 First Term Exam week!!!!!

ImageChef Word Mosaic -
Well, next week... we'll be having our first term exams. So, as a way to remind you what we covered this term I made this checklist for you to know if you have done your homework:

1. Got a blog and my name is in the list of bloggers for this trimester: Bloggers Jan-Apr 2011
2. In my blog I posted:
    a. a welcome post: Welcome
    b. an Opinion about the video Firework: WE are all Fireworks!!!!!!!
    c. Wrote a poem: Fun EFL Task: Writing a Poem
    e. Got an avatar and wrote about it in my blog: Jose Mejias' blog
    d. Posted my lesson homework:

Level 2
   Units 7 and  8 homework: Schedule and celebrations
Level 3
   Units 1 and 2: Personal presentation + physical description, collage- What's people doing: feeling and gestures
Level 4
   Units 7 and 8: Changes and plans, heroes: personal, local, from the past and a modern hero.
Level 5
   Units 1 and 2: collage with people in my life and a high school memory, Describing Food, compare dos restaurants.

3. Registered to My ELT and did my exercises on line. My ELT Codes
4. I am following my teacher in Facebook, Twitter and in the class blog.
5. Shared my work on Facebook and Twiter.
6. Visit and left comment to my classmates' blogs.

Well... Hope you had fun this term and that you have learned and practiced your English and got multiliterated and connected to your community of learning and practice.

Keep on shining Love and peace!

English Daily Workout: Idioms with Colours: Red 1

The English Daily Workout is a great site where you will find great exercises to improve your vocabulary and practice your English... this exercise explains the use of the idioms related to the RED color. what do you think this idioms mean?.. think a little before you follow the link.. then go to he page and read what they mean and have fun doing the exercise.

English Daily Workout: Idioms with Colours: Red 1

Well, have fun.. and Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A day in the beach!!

One day of relax.... in SL... want to join the regueefiesta... Arenita - Playita!
You can visit... BORA

Arenita Playita on PhotoPeach

Beach sports: surfing, sailing, windsurfing, back horse riding