Saturday, March 12, 2011

You've got to think green.. a writing the lyrics challenge!!!

We got to think green!!! Ths is the Challenge!!! Are you up to it?

This was shared by Patricia Morgado from level 2 Can you help us.. write the lyrics? ... I think there's an important message in the lyrics... Just listen to the song and write what you listen to.. you don't have to write the whole song.. just collaborate writing some lines.. and checking if they are right... :) Come on let's practice writing, listening and finding a message in the song... We got to THINK GREEN!!

Let's get started... I will write the first line...

Think about all the things we've done, always looking after number 1

Now it's your turn!!!!

Keep on shining love and peace and..... you've got to think green!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jan-April 2011 Final Project Preparations... !!!!

Hello, there! Well, we are entering the third term of the trimester and it's time for us to find out how much we have achieved during our time together. Our final project is an interesting assessment exercise... Where we will working different skills like writing, speaking, listening and reading. We'll practice:
  • How to work in groups to collaborate, cooperate, share, teach and learn together.
  • How to integrate different technological tools: creating and designing a power point presentation, audio recording, power point uploading, posting to a blog, sharing in social networks, like facebook, and twitter.
  • Transferring the knowledge got during our classes and using it to talk about different topics from the ones discussed in class.
  • Reflecting on what we have achieved.
  • Leave your mark on this class
Final presentation jan-Apr 2011

Visit these links to see some examples of students work...:

Wayu Life  Level 5

 The water  Level 5



Yuselyn Franco    Level 2

For the oral part of the final project:


Well, if you have any questions.. please.. ask...
Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

    Jan-April 2011 Second Term Exam week!!!!

    ImageChef Word Mosaic -
    Well, next week... we'll be having our second  term exams. So, as a way to remind you what we covered this term I made this checklist for you to know if you have done your homework:

    1. Got a blog and my name is in the list of bloggers for this trimester: Bloggers Jan-Apr 2011
    2. In my blog I posted:
        a. A post about going green and being eco friendly.
        b. Got an avatar and wrote about it in my blog: Jose Mejias' blog
        c. Work on my worldlink exercises.
        d. Posted my lesson homework:

    Level 2
       Units 9 and  10 homework: Daily Routine and Home Sweet Home
    Level 3
       Units 3 and 4: Shopping and describing what's in my city
    Level 4
       Units 9 and 10: Memories and health poster.
    Level 5
       Units 3 and 4: Misteries, fables, crime story and family trends and other trends.

    3. Registered to My ELT and did my exercises on line. My ELT Codes
    4. I am following my teacher in Facebook, Twitter and in the class blog.
    5. Shared my work on Facebook and Twiter.
    6. Visit and left comment to my classmates' blogs.

    Well... Hope you had fun this term and that you have learned and practiced your English and got multiliterated and connected to your community of learning and practice.

    Keep on shining Love and peace!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011



    Here you will find links and videos on how to use some of the tools you can take advantage of. So go ahead.. What is it you wnt to do... follow the turorials, all of the are really good and were done by dedicated educators from the world.

    About blogs:

        * How to create a blog with Blogger
        * Creating a Blog List with Blogger
        * Adding a Google Gadget to your blog
        * Uploading a Video with Blogger
        * Creating a Podcast with Blogger
        * More tutorials related to blogs by Miguel Mendoza

    Hope this help... keep on shining love and peace!