Sunday, October 17, 2010

Level 3. Unit 4

In the neighborhood
Voabulary: Places
What things can you do at this places? Bank, laundromat, post office, movie theater

You can save money in a bank.
You can do your laundry at the laundromat.
You can buy stamps at the post office.
You can see a movie and eat pop corn at the movies.

Do you know where I can __________? 
get a cup of coffee
get some hiking boots
get some cat food
buy some milk
work out
buy some pants
grab a hamburger
get some aspirin
see a movie
buy a book
mail a letter
buy some CDs
get a bite to eat

Asking and Giving Directions

Ask about an specific place:
A: Excuse me, Where's the Bridge theater?
B: It's on Albany Avenue
It's on the corner of Bloor Street

Vocabulary and exercises:
1. Giving Directions
2. Directions to the post office
3. Directions to the cinema
4. A game on giving directions: Hangman
5. How to give directions (complete exercise by BBC)
6. Giving Directions
7. practice phrases
8. Listening exercise

Prepositions of Location
1. Vocabulary
2. Excellent guide to prepositions
2. Exercise

How much . How many
1. Practice

There is - There are
1. exercise

1. make a collage  of places in your city. Write sentences telling what you can do there.
2. Get a map of your city and select an area to describe. Tell what places are there and write 4 conversations asking for and giving directions.

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