Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Level 5. Unit 4 Today's trends

Describe your family. What kind of family do you have? a traditional family or a more modern family? working mom, stay home dad? How about married, single, divorced people in your family? Use a lot of, a majority of, some of... etc..

Level 1 Unit 4. What are you doing? - At school

Things we do
A: What are you doing?
B: I’m listening to music.

Saying hello:  How are you doing?
A. Hi, Mary. How are you doing?
B. Great. How about you?

Pronunciation: Question intonation
Are you cooking?
What are you doing?

Taking about school subjects
A: what school do you go to?
B: I go to Engineering school in URBE.
A. What are your favorite subjects?
B. English and math. What about you?.
A: what classes are you taking this trimester?
B: I’m taking a six classes… a math class, an English class, ….
A: How are you doing in your classes?
B: I’m dong well in English but I’m not doing so well in math.

The present continuous
A: What are you doing?
B: I’m listening to music.

Spelling Rules
Cook - cooking
Study - studying

Extended time

Actions happening right now
I’m studying for a test right now.
Craig is talking on the phone

Actions happening these days
I’m taking six classes this trimester
Maria is studying at engineering school

Make a collage with pictures. Say what people is doing in the pictures.

Level 1 Unit 3. Personal Items - Modern electronics

Personal Items. 

Tell what you have in your room
A: What’s in your room?
B: In my room there is a tv, a computer.

What’s the perfect gift? 
A. What’s the perfect gift for Carlos?
B. A new cell phone. He loves phones

Asking: Is this your cell phone?
A. Excuse me. Is this your cell phone?
B. Yes, it is! Thanks a lot/ No, it’s not.

Buying electronics on the internet. Describing electronic items
I have a cd player. It’s small and easy to use.

Watch the following video: Los Articulos the, a, an - Leccion de ingles online

Singular: a / an
A. What this? / what’s that?
B. It’s an answering machine

Plurals: this/that/these/those

A. What are these?
B: they’re answering machines

1. This, that, these, those
2. More exercise .. this, that, these, those
3. a challenge.. more exercises..

Electronic items: 
Adjectives and nouns
The camcorder is expensive

1. Take a picture of your romm and describe what it is in there.
2. Find three pictures that describe the perfect present for you , your mom and your best friend. Write short sentences.
3. Make an advertisement with electronic items. Describe them.

Final project to do list 1

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to upload your recordings to GOEAR and post to your blog

Well, now that we are making recordings with your voices in dialogs and exercises.. Michelle Chavez from Level 1 C101 shared this wonderful resource... here you can listen to Michele.. Michele Chavez: Practice

To upload a mp3 recording to the internet, go to GOEAR, register and upload your mp3 file. Then copy the code and past it in the HTML tab.

Well, have fun recording your conversations and posting then to your blogs.. And don't forget to keep on shining Love and Peace!


Best Blogs April _July 2011

Well, it's been a great term.. we are in the middle of the second term and so far these bloggers have made a good job!!!

Michele Chavez
Arenas Carlos
Arturo Molina

Marianny Castro
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Arlette Salas
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Jose Avila

Roxanny Colina 
Laura Prada 

Alvarado Maria
Cohen Gabriela
Redondo Jean

Bracho Ariana
Navas Alba 
Palmar Dayanna
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Urdaneta Blanca 

Jormi Uribe
Rafael Bracho
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Marielis Luzardo

Luis Armijo
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Adriana Soto

Carmona Tahiret
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Garcia Luisana
Ortega Orlando 

Edixon Luengo
Anyire Bravo
Yuletzi Gonzalez

Miguel Fernandez
Liz Fernandez
Gabriel Lugo

Julio Gil
Nubia Navarro
Brian Rincon
Yoselin Zapata

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two songs...

Two songs.. two positions.. mmm what do you think?

"Price Tag" is a song by British recording artist Jessie J, featuring American rapper B.o.B. It was released on 28 January 2011 in the United Kingdom as the second single from Jessie J's debut studio album, Who You Are.[1] "Price Tag" was written by Jessie J, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly and B.o.B, and it was produced by Dr. Luke.
Lyrically, the song is about Jessie J trying to make the world dance by forgetting about how much money we have.

a comment:

Meaning of this song:
1.) Forget the price tag.
2.) Have a good time.
3.) Make world peace / Make the world dance
:) :D

By: Mikuuchu

Ok.. this is the other one... Watch them and think about them.. are they the same or are they different? what's the message? Do you agree with it?

This is an example of a comment we found in you tube about this song:
Songs like this remind me that this world still has hope, and is not obsessed with money just to buy things for themselves, and that they're people out there that would want money to do things for others, instead of bathe in it. :3

well, post your comments in your blogs... and Keep on shining Love and Peace!