Friday, July 20, 2007

Level 4 S422

Students from level 4.... Law, Social Communication, Business Administration and Education School..

Julio Acosta
Juan Carlos Ulloa
Daniela Hernandez
Alfredo Barrios
Yeraldin Roa
Elaine Romero
Dixa Gonzalez
Stefanya Fernandez
Karolay Parra
Carlos Lopez
Mayerlyn Vasquez
Vanessa Torrealba
Edwin Castro
Jorge Olivella
Abraham Corona
Joan Contreras
Joandry Moran
Ernesto Gutierrez

Level 2 K212

These are my students from level II. They belong to Pre-school Education, social communication, law, accounting and Integral Education.

Giusseli Duno
Tania Carrasquero
Neilyn Camargo
Emilia Rincón
Raquel fleire
Solsire Mesa
Luisana mesa
Berkelis Vilchez
Magaly Escalante
Clara Verbel
Betty Acuña
Francisco Urdaneta
Liubica Garcia

Level 1 D181

These are the guys from Law School, and Business Administration

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Level 2 R212

These were our Chicos 20 of the first term.... Congratulations.
Endrina Romero and Andreina Barrios.... of course a special person "Rafael Piña" our dear Candy Man.

These are my guys from R212. They are students from Social Communication School, Law School, Integral Education School, Business Managment School, Industrial Relations School, Accounting School and Electronics Engineering School.

Juan Martinez
Irama Casanova
Juan Rengel
Alexander Hidalgo
Andreina Barrios
Endrina Romero
Maria Isea
Solaine Villalobos
Zairiyu Perez
Alonso Suarez
Elimar Parra
Betzibe Troconiz
Andrea Vera
Andrea Vargas
Andrea Villalobos
Yadelsy Contreras
Lissette Perez
Maria Barroeta
Merlly Mendez
Fabiola Valdez
Rafael Piña
Gionrry Chacin

Level 1 P111

These are the Chicos 20 of the first term..... Congratulations!!!!! These is a photo of our bloggers!!!! Let's check on those blogs!!!!
These are the students from P111...

Maria Fabiola Faria
Maria jose Carreño
Alberto Montiel
Sammy Chourio
Mario Fuenmayor
Patricia Moran
Daliana Pirela
Fabiola Portillo
Walther Galue
Miguel Paz
Daniel Perea
Edgar Briceño
Andrea Infante
Albert Urdaneta
Naudys Delgado
Ligni Frias
Karina Chirinos
Viviana Acosta
Adriana Bordon
Juan Matos
Brian Gallardo

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Level 1 E1Z2

Leonardo Bravo
Carlos Suarez
Francisco Casanova
Enyimar Herrera
Cindy Castellano
Hugo kristen
Ernesto Celedon
Milagros Cumare
Gina di Mauro
kenia Hernandez
Robert Suarez
Grisleiny Hernandez
Jose Ugarte
Karelis Perez
Jose Rodriguez
Maraiana Beltran

Level 1 S102

Katherine Torres
Lourdes Vergara
Dayana Quiroz
Vanessa Hernandez
Zulimar Lugo
Jose Gutierrez
Javier Nava
Jonathan Sanchez
Mishelle Reyes
Hellen Camba
Heishell Ramirez
Evans Silva
Jesus Rodriguez
Genesis Gonzalez
Carmela Cadena
Anny Gutierrez
Roberto Torrealba

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Level 3 Unit 4. Favorites and Families!

We started the class reviewing lesson 4. Some of our partners told us about their favorites:

This is Karen Cepeda, she told us about her favorite band: Evanescence. She brought a video to share. This is her favorite song. What do you think ? Leave a message for Karen.

This is Brain Kelly. He told us about his favorite Venezuelan baseball player: Jose Miguel Torres Cabrera.

During week 8... we talked about families... how many people are there in your family and what are they doing?

Level 2 Unit 13. Giving Directions!

Level 2
Last week we worked on going to the doctor and talking about health problems. These are 2 videos from that lesson.

Here, we have Betty Acuña, Emilia Rincon, Francisco Urdaneta y Clara Verbel

This week people from level 2 worked on unit 13. Unit 13 is about giving and asking for directions. We also talked about places in the city. Here you have some links to exercices to practice giving directions and prepositions of place.

Asking for and giving directions: wordlist
Directions 1: a listening exercise
Watch this video of people giving and asking for directions
Listening game.

Watch this video: Asking & Giving Directions - English180 Lesson 4. this video is from You Tube... so if you're in URBE.. you won't be able to watch it... If you're home... then you won't have any trouble watching it.

Where does he want to go? What places is he lookig for?

We also practice with Prepositions of place practice:
Prepositions of place

Level 1 Unit 5. Telling the Time!

Level 1

This week we worked on lesson 5. Lesson 5 is about telling the time and telling what you are doing right now.Here there some exercises to practice telling the time:

These are some ways to ask the time:What's the time? / What time is it?/ Have you got the time by any chance? /Do you have the time, please? / Sorry, could you tell me the time, please?/ Do you know what the time is?

Now some links to practice your Present continous and telling what's people doing: