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Level 1 Unit 1 Greetings and Intros

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In this lesson we are going to practice:

Basic Introductions:

Hi, Hello!

My name's Mary.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening.

Saying your name:

A: What's your name?
B: My name's John.

Saying your first name and last name:

A: Hi, my first name is Carlos. What's your first name?
B: Hi, Carlos. I'm Lucy Morales. What's your last name Carlos?
A: It's Gonzalez.

Saying your e-mail, 

A: What's your e-mail address?
B: It's
A: Are you in Facebook?
B: Yes, I am. I'm Lucy Morales, there and LucyM in Twitter.

The Alphabet: spelling your name

Meeting people and spelling names

A: This is my friend Carlos Perez
B: Hi, Carlos. Nice to meet you. My name's Jose.
C: Hello. Jose. Nice to meet you, too
B: How do you spell your name?
C: C-A-R-L-O-S

The numbers 0-10
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ad ten

Who's your favorite.... actor, actress, athlete, singer, teacher...?
My favorite teacher is...
My favorite teachers are ....

My name is...
My family calls me ...
My friends calls me...
My classmates call me...

Grammar: Verb To Be
Practice your verb to be with these exercises:

The verb be (am, are, is)
Verb to be: Match the verbs with the subjects
VERBO TO BE -Presente Afirmativo
Verbo TO BE - Presente Simple Afirmativo
TO BE -Presente Simple
BE - Simple Present Tense
verb be [+], pronouns


 Unit 1
actor(N) a person whose job is acting in plays or movies
actress(N) a woman whose job is acting in plays or movies
author(N) a person who writes book
be friends with(PHRASE) you are their friend and they are yours
best friend(N) someone who you know and like the most of all your friends
boyfriend(N) a man with whom they are having a romantic relationship
classmate(N) students who are in the same class
e-mail address(N) the distinct word or phrase that you use to send and receive electronic mail
favorite(ADJ) the one you like most
female(N) woman or a girl
(ADJ) being a woman or girl
first name(N) personal name
friend(N) someone who you know well and like, but who is not related to you
girlfriend(N) a woman with whom they are having a romantic relationship
last name(N) family name
letter of the alphabet(N) written symbols which represent one of the sounds in a language
male(N) man or boy
(ADJ) being a man or boy
message(N) a piece of information you send to someone when you cannot speak to them
Miss.(N) title used in front of the name of a girl or unmarried woman
movie(N) a film series shown in a theater or on television
Mr.(N) title used before a man's name
Mrs.(N) title used before the name of a married woman
music(N) the pattern of sounds produced by people singing or playing instruments
nickname(N) an informal name for someone or something
(V) give them an informal name
number(N) "two," "nine," or "twelve," or 1, 3, or 47
phone number(N) the combination of numbers that a person dials on a telephone to call someone
roommate(N) the person you share a room, apartment, or house with
singer(N) a person who sings
soccer player(N) a person who plays soccer
sport(N) games such as football and basketball which need physical effort and skill
student(N) a person who is studying at school, or university
teacher(N) a person paid to teach other people
TV show(N) a program on television
website(N) a set of information about a particular subject available on the Internet
Homework for this unit:
A. Interview a friend, ask the following questions:

1. What's your first name?
2. What's your last name?
3. What's your nickname? What do people call you?
4. What's your phone number?
5. What's your e-mail address?
6. Who's your favorite actor?
7. Who's your favorite actress?
8. Who's your favorite singer?
9. Who's your favorite athlete?

* Record your interview (you can make a video and upload it directly to your blog or to youtube, then copy the code to your blog). Remember to write your questions and answers in your blog.


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