Friday, April 8, 2011

Russian Venezuela Project

Students from Russia and Venezuela had the chance to share, learn and have fun to practice their English. They used Skype, Blogs and Second Life to get together during six weeks.

Enyurelys from level 6 introduces her Russian friend. She says....

Hello! This is Svetlana Jonas! My sweet partner.. :) She is from Rusia.. She lives in Omks-Siberia. She is seventeen years old. She is an amazing  and little bit crazy person. She is short. She has middle blond hair and blue eyes. She is very friendly. She loves listening to rock music, watching films, specially psychological and dramatic films. She also plays the piano. She hates liers and stupid songs. 

Dana Berdaeuletova

Andreina Bohorquez, introduces....her partner in the project ...Dana Berdaeuletova

 ....She’s  18 years. She’s  the only child in her family . She has many many cousins . She likes spending her time with her friends and family .She loves watching films, listening to different kinds of music. She loves swimming a lot. She dislikes  racism and wars. She’s good and kind and she wants to become a translator!.

Dana Berdaeuletova
 Gerardo met ....Shakutneva Nastya ... she lives in Omsk - Siberia. She is 18 years old. she is studying languages at the State University, also studied in a musical school for 8 years, and graduated 4 years ago. She lives with her parents and one little brother, he is 9 years old. She likes to play the piano and take photos. She hates  liers and people who kill animals for fun or for clothes. She doesn't have a lot of friends because according to her the "Real Friends" are few (I agree). Her biggest love is her rabbit "Momo"


Leiver met Alisa Sokolenko.... she is a pretty girl. She's eighteen (18). She lives in Omsk, Russia with her mother and she's an only child. She told me  that in Rusia, it´s winter all year and for this season of the year the weather it's -28°c, really cold. A tipical day for her it's as follows: She wakes up at 09:00 Am o'clock, goes to the university that is near her house, about 20 minutes approximately. She comes back home at 3:00 PM o'clock. She spends time on the computer talking with friends and she goes to the bed at 11:00 PM o'clock but sometimes later. Now she's taking English lessons and very soon she will be taking Spanish lessons. 

Alisa Sokolenko
Jose Mancini met ...Lusine Yegoyan ...... She is from Armenia, but lives in Russia, Omsk. She is 19 years old. She studies foreign languages at Omsk State University. She lives with her parents and little brother Arthur.  He is 14 years old. She is learning English and Spanish, but she only knows a few words in Spanish. She is going to learn French in March. She likes painting, dancing, singing, spending time with her friends, family and travelling. She lived 6 years in Armenia. She has a lot friend, but there’re only 3 close. She hates lies.  She is friendly.

Carlos Arrieta met ..... Maria Shelenberg .... she is very nice, special person and very good friend.  She is 20 years old, she has a sister, her sister name is Nastya and she is 19 years old. I taught her Spanish, she likes snowboarding, talking, walking under the rain, sleeping and chatting with her friends.  She has a boyfriend, he lives in Spain. And she doesn't like to take photos, stupid men, rude women, and her neighbor Slava
This is what Maria says about Carlos.....Recently I've made the acquaintance of one interesting, handsome & funny guy))) His name is Carlos Arrieta. He is 19 years old. And he is my partner on Russian-Venezuelian project. Carlos is fond of sport, music & dancing))) Football & basketball are his favourite. He likes eating, playing the video games, learning history &  politics. And he doesn't share  his President's political vews. It'll be better, he thinks, HE will be the President of Venezuela. Well, Carlos!! Never give up)))  Impossible is possible)). Carlos has a big family. And they have a little baby - he is Carlos' nephew))) He is so cute & lovely)))
         There is one thing Carlos would like to do... He wants to visit Europe - especially Spain, Italy & England. He likes travelling and he has already visited the USA))). Carlos is very talented man - he has  already knows 3 words in Russian & 1 magic phrase))) ( look at his status in Skype)))  And he helps me to learn Spanish. Now I can count numbers from 1 to 10 (thxs, Carlos))))

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Action... Peace... Get up on your feet and make it happen!

This wonderful speech by Jody Williams was shared with us by Isabel Landino. Thanks Isa... this was a great choice...This is what isa says about the video:
I watched this video and I liked it because it speaks of peace in the world and of people who fight for it and the sacrifices that it must be done to achieve it, the world must fight for peace. These women are admirable.
Listen to the following speech... you can read the subtitles in English.

What does the lady think we should all do to change the world? What do yuo think about that? Come on, leave your comment!

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Upload a PPP to your Blog using Authorstream

Well, this is it we are getting to the end of this adventure... of the most popular questions is.... Teacher.. How do I upload a PPP to my blog...?... *sighs* well, here we go... Hope this helps....

1. After your PPP is ready .. go to .. then just follow the pictures... have fun!

The question...

Got to


add your information

Copy the embed code
Paste the HTML tag.... in your blog..
Post it in your blog..
Well, that's it... i will check your projects in your blogs...