Sunday, September 19, 2010

Orlando Ortega's Blog

Hello, there! I am really proud to show Orlando's homework. He's a student in our university and he's taking classes in our level 3. In this slide presentation..Orlando Ortega introduces his new friends!!!

Visit Orlando's blog and follow him. he's determined to be a brilliant student.. you can also ask him to be your friend and please..leave a comment on his posts.

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Digital Literacy: How to choose a safe password?

Hello, there! Well, this week we have a really nice short video that will help you to learn how to choose a safe password and practice your English at the same time. Enjoy it!!! This video was shared by Diego Velasquez, a  computer engineering student at URBE.

How to choose a safe password - Animated Explanations

Wow, that was interesting... now.. is your password a safe password?

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Manuel Potter: Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Manuel Potter: Welcome to my Blog!!!!: "In this blog I`m going to post my school work. I`m in the fifth level of the English program at URBE. Hi, My name’s Manuel Lozano but you ..."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloggers Sep-Dec 2010!!!

Well....Students from the Sep.Dec 2010 Trimester have their blogs... Welcome Bloggers!!!!

Xioysimar Ramos
Mariglis Peley
Karina Castillo
Osmer Prieto
Gabriela Bozo
Jahnny Gonzalez
Jesus Vergel
Angel larreal
Kristina Arrieta
Alejandro Flores
Yuleidys Rios
Karla Fuenmayor
Carmen Rivera
Ana Mejia


Lamia Abdel Salam Danaf
Ricardo Villalobos
Sikiu Fernandez
Henry Moreno
Dayruve Melean
Amarellys Ferrer
Ernesto Mendoza
Angel Villalobos
Andrea Villalobos
Lorena Araujo
Franklin Valbuena
Bethania Hinestroza
Paola Urribarri
Valeria Rodriguez
Stephanny Cruz
Jose Pinedo
Jose Primera
Erick Urdaneta
Willmary Molero

Juan Gonzalez
Lisineth Valbuena
Roman Garcia
Marlyn Gonzalez
Andreina Quinto
Daniel Avendaño
Katty Carrillo
Angelica Rincon
Khristal Schaumburg
Bryan Sastre
Norge Cabrera
Elvis Quintero
Jody Medina
Jhonathan Bracho
Desire Romero
Yolando Ramos
Carlos Del Villar


Francelia Gonzalez
Leyre Atencio
Sobeida Salazar
Guscaly Jimenez
Ines Vargas
Claudia Portillo
Selene Olivar
Jhoberlyn Torres
Jose Henriquez
Yenitza Reyes
Adamaris Ibarra
Yorbelis Ramirez
Andres Barroso
Ada Villalobos
Milanyely Perdomo
Miguel Angel Roman
Alexander Bracho

Magzuly Segura


Ginama Perez
Nelia Delgado
Victor Melean
Yuselyn Franco
Eileen Delgado
Joenesis Bernal
Nelia Delgado
Isamar Sarmiento
Liliana Hernandez
Jerianly Picon
Roman Gutierrez
Yorlis Ariza
Roxana Gutierrez
Emberlin Ramirez
Neryde Gutierrez
Joselis Villalobos
Mariberlyn Berti
Yuselyn Franco
Karla Benitez
Dayrene Matheus
Ana Gutierrez
Sandra Piña
Yinneth Barboza
Bianca Riera
Herlin Estrada
Elizabeth Fernandez
Kiliani Palma


Naikelis Bustanie
Kelly Martinez
Gian Lauretti
Said Morillo
Oscar Vasquez
Belgibel Lobo
Emmanuel Valbuena
Neudy Salas
Emmi Acosta
Roman Peley
Carelis Teran
Gustavo Saavedra
Alfonso Gutierrez
Yonatan Fonseca
Yamilet Jimenez


Kysbel Paz
Victor Mendoza
Jorge Araujo
Miguel Medina
Jose Quintero
Madelaine Bravo
Jafet Garcia
Francisco Marquez
Darielys Boscan
Fausto Rodes
Hector Fereira
Victor Urdaneta
Alexandrea Montaño
Antony Diaz
Rosnetvy Pirela
Ricardo Benavides
Darwin Pineda
Victor Salazar
Marian Portillo
Yonatan Fonseca
Meris Boscan
Jesus Molero

Orlando Ortega
Karen Mendoza
Patricia Rincon
Marcos Tudare
Marian Vasquez
Adriana Matos
Steffay Morales
Marcos Tudares
Jose Sanchez
Zulay Fernandez
Giovani Sarmiento
Neroska Payares
Johanna Chavez
Katherine Materan
Andreina Briñez
Jorge Hernandez

daniel herrera
Alberto Plumacher
Guillermo Schanz
Libia Silva
Nohemy Paz
Octavio Duque
Leonardo Seijas
Libia Silva
Maria Angulo
Arbelis Piña
Lilianny Fernández
Rossy Melo
Yuling Sanchez
Nohemy Paz
Josselyn Romero
Geraldine Franco
Maria Bravo:
Dayann Fernandez:
Sugey Lopez:
Leydi Rondon:
Ledys Quintas:
Lormarys Montero

Gustavo Marin
Joxely Jordan 
Vivianna Gomez
Elio Rincon
Maiveth Zuleta
Yoxci Ojeda
Fabiola Labrador
Katerine Duran
Erianis Chirinos
Wiliam Castillo
Jhannyre Dufflart
Geraldine Hernandez
Yeferson Villasmil
Vanessa Bermudez
Brigitte Molina
Josely Hernandez
Ruben Padron
Dayana Medina Soto
Daniel Salazar
Nathalie Cano
Nestor Suarez
Jose Amundaray
Yumar Ferrer
Geraldine Cubillan 
Manuel Lozano
Katherine Feria
Yisney Urdaneta
Amarilis Martinez
Danny Hernandez
Jhonny Melendez
Darwin Marin
Grenda Chirinos
Rony Morales
Anggi Ferrer
Rita Torres
Daniela Bohorquez
Iraida Abreu
Richard Palencia
Andrea Ferrer
Sandra Subero
Katherin Villalobos
Jhonny Gonzalez
Emili Urdaneta
Yasibith Valencia
Mayra Martinez
Elimar Parra
Sara Molero
Victoria Mendez
Freddy Romero
Brigitte Molina
Francy Rommero
Brenda Gonzalez
Yuridaima Barroso
Roswi Garcia
Maria Daniela Villasmil


Nelmary Cepeda
Ana Nuñez
Ana Sanchez
Anna Huang
Isamar Quevedo
Mayerlin Chacin
Angelica Reyes
Nelson Delpino


Marihu Cobo
Diana Cordero
Kelvis Finol
Beatriz Garcia
Andres Gonzalez
Firaz Koteich
Angelica Matos
Miguel Montero
Gerardo Romero
Diego Velasquez
Rafael Silva.
Karla Villalobos
Angelica Ramos

Friday, September 10, 2010

Working with vocabulary!!!

How To Improve Your Vocabulary! well, I found this great site called English as 2nd Language. They suggest several techniques to improve our vocabulary .. mmm.. I thought we could use some of those great ideas in class, so here I will write about some of the ones we'll be working with in class or for homework.

1. Vocabulary Charts place vocabulary in connected categories to help "long term" memorization. This is a printable vocabulary chart to help you create in-class vocabulary charts.

Example of a vocabulary chart
 2. Learn Collocations: Collocations refer to words that often or always go together. A good example of a collocation is to do your homework. These lists of important verb + noun collocations will help your learn some of the most important.

Now,  match these words and make collocations:
Verbs:                                              Nouns:
Take      Have      Break                   a break    a leg  a headache

Write your answers in the comment area.... smiles...

3. Making a wordle  "word cloud": According to Wordle..... It is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

Like this collocations with the word Motivation: 

Well, hope this help us improve our vocabulary during this trimester...

Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Avemos a group in Facebook!!!!

Well, this is to announce our Facebook group!!!! We have a Facebook Group...!!! This is not new ...but ..this is what we'll be using to leave messages, ask questions or have fun practicing your English.

Join the group...!!!! See you there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My ELT codes - Sep-Dec 2010 trimester

Greetings Sep-Dec 2010 trimester students!
This is to let you know.. Our ONLINE workbook keys.

Diapositiva 2
This is the link to My ELT :

Buy your books and use your book key + our course key to register to the online workbook..

Here you can find instructions in Spanish:

and this is a tutorial:

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by doris3m If you need any help... let me know

Keep on shining Love and Peace!


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