Monday, May 24, 2010

Level 4. Unit 7

Making changes in your life

I need a change
A: I want to get in shape
B: You should join a gym to lose weight.

Borrowing things: making and responding to requests

A: Can I borrow $ 20?
B: sure, here you go.
    I’m sorry but…….

Bad habits
I bite my nails
I spend too much money
I eat a lot of junk food

Bad qualities
I’m messy
I’m lazy
I’m late all the time

Plans and Dreams
Graduation Plans

I want to move to NY city
My goal is to get a good job
I want to take a break an travel

Like to Vs. Would like to

Like to = Present
I like to visit Los Andes. (it means I enjoy visiting Los Andes)

Would like to = future hope or desire
I’d like to visit Los Andes (It means I want to visit Los Andes)

The future with be going to = plans

A: What are you going to do after you graduate?
B: I’m going to get a job.
A: Are you going to work in Maracaibo?
B: no, I’m going to work in another country.

Life Time dreams
My dream is to be great lawyer
My dream is to make films


1. Write about four things you want to change in your live. Write some suggestions to make your changes happen. Use Should...(use the model on pag. 70 in your textbook)
2. Write sentences about yourself. Use I like to or I'd like to. (exercise C on page 73 in your book)
3. Write about your bad habits and bad qualities and how to change them. (pag. 79)
4. Talk about your plans and dreams after you graduate. Write about what you are going to do (Use the example on pag.79 in your textbook)

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