Monday, May 24, 2010

Leve 3. Unit 2

In this unit, we practice how to talk about How We Feel...Expressing Yourself.. Body Language and Gestures.



Japanese Gestures
Do you know what these gestures mean?
Do you use these gestures in the country you're in/from?

Hand Gestures

B. Asking how someone is

A. How is it going?
B. Great
ok/ all right
so - so
not so good
Don't ask!

A: How are you doing?
B: I'm fine.
I'm stressed
I'm tired
I'm worried

C. Object pronouns

The task for this unit, it's to make a collage of people dpoing things and expressing themself... Write a paragraph describing  the collage and say how people feels and what they are doing.... Post it in your blog and you can use images, audio or videos to explain 

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