Friday, May 9, 2008

Announcing Bloggers for our May-July 2008 Trimester!!!

Level 2

Ana Briceno
Luis Fuenmayor
Maria Gabriela Ferrer
Antonieta Parra
Richard Urdaneta
Kendry Barrios
Alismig Oliveros
Marlon Paz
Anelayne Larreal
Isabel Molero
Fernando Urdaneta
Katherin Romero
Elida Moran
Alexnys Romero
Rosalba Cordova.
Estefany Velasquez
Haisleiby Castellano
Rosa Niebles
Eduardo Portillo
Andrea Rodriguez
Fernando Perez
Zaigre Bravo
Rimel Aboulatif
Mariana Triviño
Marco Moreno
Andreina Barrios
Francis Corona
Jaqueline Garcia
Diana Montero
Landy Perez
Joseph Mosquera
Susana Navarro
Valeria Di Marco
Jairo Nunez
Edgar Sihues
Marielis Perez
Cesar Domoulin
Isabel Gonzalez
Minerva Bracho
Rosana Briceno
Mayerlys Colpa
Pablo Paez
Nestor Osechas
Gerardo Molero
Cristina Vilchez
Judith Urdaneta
Guillermo Lavarca

Level 3
Narlys Hernandez
Keila Semprun
Rene Velasquez
Ivanna Quiroz:
Luis Romero
Juan Jose Rivas
Rossybell Tobon
Edgar Zambrano
Humberto Rincon
Kenneth Garrett
Andrea Urdaneta
Ninoska Alvarez
Deivy Chirino
Romina Fernandez
Angelica Galaviz
Raquel Campos
Leonardo Mosquera
Nilsa Cuello
Daniela Cifuentes
Gonzalo Franco
Yaniret Fernandez
Dariana Arocha
Johangrid Barboza
Ana Bracho
Arturo Bravo
Michelle Castillo
Mariangel Freites
Andrea Gotera
Manuel Hinestroza
Johander Morillo
Maria Jose Porras
Ysbert Quintero

Level 4

Maria Laura Rivera
Eduardo Auvert
Yaquelin Cubillan
Oscar Cherivi:
José Saucedo
Fabiola Faria,
Viviana Borjas
Francisco Rangel
Tipsy Gonzalez Cantillo
Andrea Gonzalez Vega
Esther Suarez
Nilco Fuenmayor
Alexander Hidalgo
Yeniber Bermudez
Geraldine Romero Leon
Jacqueline Vera http://www.jacquelinevera2008/
Hernan Tete
Juan Alejandro30:
Leonardo Diaz
Carlos Lugo
Jose Rodriguez
Nilco Fuenmayor
Lucy Madriz
Jacqueline Vera
Mary Linares

Level 5

Alexis Barrios
Ana Gomez
Dennis Bracho
Antonio Arrieta
Nilmar Atencio
Alejandro Galue
Silvia Rincon
Edwin Castillo
Endrina Romero
Jessica Martinez
Evileinny Baez
Angel Espina:
Claudia Adarme:
Sanchez Jorge
Amanda Avila
Jose Arraga
Esteban Vicuna
Andrea Mendoza:
Hector Rojas
Maria Fernanda Silva
Juan Carpio Sanchez
Angelica Castillo
Exequiel Linares19:
Luisiana Castillo:
Jaime Fuentes:
Jose Paredes
Victor Ocando
Esvaldo Villasmil
Silvia Lopez:
Eymi Adrianza
Bianca Perez
Jose Barboza:
Oriana Atencio
Eddy Amador,
Cesar Rondón
Davide Di Turo
Maria Martinez
Kelvin Ferrer
Tania Rincon:
Josue Vielma
Luis Castillo
Eucaris Garcia:
Ibrahim Araujo
Luis Repizo
Veronica Pereira
Eduardo Rumbos
Josmar Lopez
Joel Molina
Angel Ferrer
Andres Nava
Aleris Rivas

Level 7
Fernanda Hernandez
Jorge Besson
Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Jessica Vergara
Victor Rincon
Manuel Duque.
Marlly Villanueva
Nestor Tang
Ricardo Villalobos
Alfredo Figueras
Daniel Soto
Maria José García
GoKin Chin
Alejandro Martinez
Ruth Ferrer
Ricardo Molina

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Holly x)_! said...

hey theahc.. how are you! sorry i dont´t live a coment early... i wasent time to make one!! i´m from your class in the level 3! i hope be great in your class!

att: Andrea Urdaneta peace out! x)