Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prepositions of Time and Date - in / at / on

Level 2!!! let's practice what we learned last class. According to About.com:

IN: Use 'in' months and years and periods of time:

  • in January
  • in 1978
  • in the twenties

also, use 'in' a period of time in the future:

  • in a few weeks
  • in a couple of days

AT: Use 'at' with precise time:

  • at six o'clock
  • at 10.30
  • at two p.m.

ON: Use 'on' with days of the week:

  • on Monday
  • on Fridays

also, use 'on' with specific calendar days:

  • on Christmas day
  • on October 22nd


in the morning / afternoon / evening - at night

We say in the morning, afternoon or evening BUT we say 'at night'

Go to About.com English as a second language to see the quiz. There are 15 questions in this quiz. Try to use only 10 seconds per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback. Let me know how you did in the test by forwarding your results to me...

Have fun!

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