Friday, February 7, 2014

Celebrating Zulianidad Day 2014

On January 28, 1821 the Governor of the Province of Maracaibo Francisco Delgado declared independence from the Spanish Government. That's how in 2002 on January, 28 the Day of the Zulianity is declared. On This day Zulianos celebrate their culture and traditions.

We celebrated the day listening to gaitas.. Gaita is a style of Venezuelan folk music from Maracaibo in Zulia State. According to Joan Corominas, it may come from gaits, the Gothic word for "goat", which is the skin generally used for the membrane of the furro instrument. Other instruments used in gaita include maracas, cuatro, charrasca and tambora (Venezuelan drum). Song themes range from humorous and love songs to protest songs.

The style became popular throughout Venezuela in the 1960s, and it fused with other styles such as salsa and merengue in the 1970s. Famous gaita groups include Maracaibo 15, Gran Coquivacoa, Barrio Obrero, Cardenales del Éxito, Koquimba, Melody Gaita, Estrellas del Zulia, Saladillo, and many others. The group Guaco started as a gaita group but now plays salsa. (wikipedia)

To celebrate Semana de la Zulianidad (Zulianity Week), we posted in our Facebook group some of the gaitas we liked the most and also we created Keep Calm posters to express our love for our region.

These are some of the gaitas our students recommended:

Paolita Alvarez recommended... Valiente - Energia Gaitera

"valiente quien en plena enfermedad ha decidido luchar
aferrándose a la vida.
valiente la mujer que es padre y madre nunca teme
echar pa’ lante siempre encuentra una salida.
valiente es la gente que veo y me encuentro a diario
valiente el venezolano que se friega trabajando."

Here you can find the lyrics to this great gaita. This gaita inspires people to go ahead and keep on walking.


Another great Gaita recommended by Fanny Piccolo

"Y así siempre ha de pasar,
que cada vez que escuchéis,
una gaita llorareis,
porque en mi,  te hará pensar,
con bellas prosas,
que a ti te harán recordar,
todas esas lindas cosas,
que no pudimos lograr. "

Here you can find the lyrics to this great gaita. This gaita is about love in a couple.. It's a classic of the zulianidad

Ana Karina Martinez Gamez recommeded ... Cuando voy a Maracaibo..

.....My favorite stanza is
"Todo zuliano que siente
su terruño en lo profundo
le parece que su gente
es la mejor de este mundo"

Here you can find the lyrics to this great gaita. This gaita describe the feeling we experiment when we cross the bridge Rafael Urdaneta to get to Maracaibo

 We also created Keep Calm Posters under the #zulianidad #urbe #doris3meflcenter #maracaibo

It was fun to listen to all those gaitas again.. and smile at the wonderful posters our Fireworks created to celebrate our roots. Thanks everyone.. You did just wonderfully...

Keep on shining love and peace!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oral expression Class Program Jan - Apr 2014

Conversational Class - Oral Expression Progam

By Doris Molero on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 5:16pm
Welcome to our class, everyone!

In this class will be working towards the goal of helping you improve your speaking skills. Nevertheless, we'll be working all skills in order to provide the scaffolding you need to succeed in this class and get you talking in a fluent and more confident way. These skills are:

1.Vocabulary building
2. Speaking
3. Reading
4. Pronunctiation
5. Listening
6. Working on projects to promote collaboration and social exchanges
7. Digital literacies


First term  - 30%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
23/01/2014    Unit 1      Describing yourself - Personality traits       Class task    2.5 pts
30/04/2014                   Describing people and places                   Class Task   2.5 pts

06/02/2014    Unit 2      Movies - The Oscars                                Class Task  
13/02/2014                  Movie Presentations and discussion           Team Task   10 pts  - Presentations    7 pts
Individual participation 3 pts
20/02/2014                  Drama - scene from a movie                     Team Task    5 pts

Second term  - 30%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
27/02/2014   Unit 3      Peace Building  - reading                           Class task     3 pts
06/03/2014                 Discussion - Interview                                Class Task    6 pts

13/03/2014   Unit 4     Social activism - Bottle caps for Kids            Class Task    5 pts
20/03/2014                Green thinking                                           Team work   6 pts

Third term  - 40%
Date              Lesson     Theme                                                   Assesment
27/03/2014   Unit 5    Job interview - Finding a job                        Class task      2.5 pts
03/04/2014               Job interview - writing a resume                   Class task     2.5 pts
10/04/2014               Getting ready for the interview                      Class task     5 pts
24/04/2014               Job interview  - Drama                                 Pair Task      10 pts

This program can be modified. Please, Keep that in mind.

Well, hope you have fun. See you in our audio and text forums. Bring your mic and headphones to class. Don't forgte to check our class blog and follow us on twitter: #doris3meflcenter

Keep on shining love and peace!

Check list of Lab tasks Jan- april 2014

Check list of Lab tasks Jan- april 2014

Check list
Definition of Check List. Comprehensive list of important or relevant actions, or steps to be taken in a specific order.
Read more:

Class Blog:
1. Find the class blog in google. Search for Doris3meflcenter.
2. Find the facebook group link
3. Find the hashtag #doris3meflcenter
4. Find your level in the worldlink program list. Find lesson 1 or 7. Check the lesson. Download the lesson to your computer.

1. Register to the group
2. Take the survey:
3. Find the New Members Welcome thread. Introduce yourself
4. Find two new friends, say hello and ask a question. Use @mariagonzalez...
5. Answer your new friends questions, add a video, a photo or a link to further illustrate  your answer.

1. Find the hastag #doris3meflcenter
2. Find the new members. Introduce yourself, say hello and ask a question. Use replay...
5. Answer your new friends questions, add a video, a photo or a link to illustrate further your answer.

My face for peace
1. Go to
2. Upload your photo and a message for peace.
3. Wait 2 or three days to find your photo in the gallery
4. Check the facebook group and leave a message.
5. Go to our facebook page, read the messages and leave comments.
6. Post your poster to your wall. Share it with your friends and family. Invite them to partcicipate. use the hastags: #doris3meflcenter #urbe #maracaibo #peace

if you have any questions write a private message to your teacher...

Keep shining love and peace!
Dr. Doris Molero

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oral Test: Mindmaps Sep- Dec 2013

For the Oral test you will need to:

  • Design 3 mindmaps like the ones showed in the pictures bellow. 

  • Also, you will need to have a conversation with a partner. Be ready to ask and answer questions in a short conversation about the lessons practiced in class..

  • Bring something to share with your classmates (a little snack).

  • All mindmaps must be on paper.. No digital material.. We'll be placing your posters on the wall for everyone to look at and learn from.

  • And the most important.... Have fun!!! Take a lot of photos and post them to our facebook group..

  • More memories of past exams... here:

These are the contents of the different units and the different levels.... check your level and your contents:
Mind Map 1: About me
* this map just shows words but you should use images, too.
Stephanie Zabaleta 
Monica Nuñez

Personal info: Name, last name, age, country, city
School life: University, faculty, trimester, subjects
Likes: Things I love
Dislikes: Things I don't like
Dreams: 3 things I dream about
Opinion about English: why I am learning English.

Mind Map 2:

Example level 1 - David Melean

My level 1
Unit 1: Name, last name, email, telephone, favorites
Unit 2: Country, city, nationality, language, Description of a city
Unit 3: Personal items, perfect gift, descriptions of products, what you have in your bag
Unit 4: What are they doing?- School: subjects, trimester, how you are doing in school
Unit 5: Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, favorite dish, description of the dish
Unit 6: Family tree and relationships

My level 2

Unit 7: Schedule: weekdays and weekend activities, time, morning, afternoon, evening
Unit 8: Celebrations: dates, favorite celebration: when, how, where, what they do to celebrate, Why
Unit 9: Daily schedule: One day in the life: morning, afternoon , evening. Time
Unit 10: Home sweet home: Describe house or apartment, furniture, prepositions (where are the things), favorite room
Unit 11: Clothing: clothes for different events and weather. Shopping, prices, Colors
Unit 12: Jobs. Occupations, where do people work. What they do. Opinion about the job. Description of the personality.

My level 3

Unit 1: New friends- New Faces : my Physical description, my favorite person (personal info)
Unit 2: Express yourself: Feelings and gestures
Unit 3. shopping : Favorite supermarket - My favorite place to shop
Unit 4: Around city. Places in the city, Giving directions.
Unit 5: Going on Vacations: My vacation, place, weather, things to do. what i need. Suggestions... should, shouldn't
Unit 6: some more about me: Hobbies, personality, plans

My level 4
Unit 7: Change, habits, dreams
Unit 8: Heroes. Heroes from the past, present, movie heroes, cartoon, personal heroe
Unit 9: Memory. Childhood memories: toys, food, vacations, family, school
Unit 10: Health problems and stress. causes, consecuences, tips
Unit 11: Talented people: What they do, what the can do
Unit 12: Movies: genre, poster, fast facts, soundtrack, review

My level 5

Unit 1: People in your life. Relationships (friends, colleagues, relatives, classmates. Memories of high school
Unit 2: Food. description of food, description of dishes and restaurants (comparison)
Unit 3: Unsolved mysteries. Crime and amazing stories
Unit 4: Trends in families and in general: fashion, sports, electronics, music, etc
Unit 5: Errands and description of neighborhoods
Unit 6: Student life. Describe your university and your student life. university campus. Plans after graduation

Mind Map 3: Reflections

David Melean- Level 1

Classmates: Opinion about your group
Classes: Opinion about your classes
Lessons: favorite lesson, most difficult lesson, Why?
Material and tools: book, workbook, notebook, facebook group, class blog, you tube videos, wikipedia, google, google translator, powerpoint, word, authorstream, dictionary, tutors... (explain what you did with the tool, show some examples)
What I improved: Listening, writing, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, reading, use of digital tools
What I need to keep on practicing
Acknowledgments: Say thank you. (university, parents, friends, classmate, tutor, teacher)