Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bloggers of January-April 2008

Here there are!!! if you are not in this list ... leave a message with your name and blog link and I will post it here!!

Level 2

Miguel Fernandez The Space of Miguel

Level 5
Carlos Garcia $$...Carlos García....$$
Ayatola Nuñez Curucuteando con Ayatola
Benito Valles Arepa Gringa
Eigly García A StarDancer
Carolina Molero
Maxyori Ochoa
Argenis Medina
Mario Clemente
Mayrim Carolina Medina
Cesar Urdaneta
Freddys Ocando
Eigly García A StarDancer
Mariangely Caldera
Eucaris Garcia

English for Work - Level 7
Diego Añez :
Robert Romero:
Luis Godoy:
Claudia Hernández:
Daniel Torrealba:
Daniela Jiménez:
Jorge Guevara:
Jose Duarte:
Hermilo Castillo:
Ayman Dabian:
Edgar Ocando:
Carlos Conejo:
Alexis Pirela:
Andrea Ferrer:
Angel Quesada
Nathali Carrasquero:
Angel Quesada
Amanda Perozo

Speaking Group - Level 6
Cinthia Osorio
Johana Reyes
Joselin estaba
Dionerio Gonzalez
Enrique Govea
Eugenia Perez
Patricia Perche
Ricardo Molina
Eduardo Montaña
Antonieta Viloria
Daniela Soto
Jose Arraiol
Gabriela Corona
Daniel Soto
Luis Perez

Writing Group - level 8
Carla Oviedo Blogging from URBE

Remember, leave a comment... name, and blog link!!!

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