Thursday, July 10, 2014


For our third round following the My face for peace project... You are invited to hunt for a poem and record yourself reading it.

We wrote an invitation in our Facebook group:

Hello, everyone.. this is a nice example for our Poem for Peace project...

Path Of Peace

By Paul Mc Cann

Peace is an easy path to tread

Peace is where our fears are mislaid

Peace is beginning to restore

Peace for each man, woman and child

Peace for the troubled streets gone wild

Peace is for the old and the young

Peace in the end will overcome

Peace builds trust into a lifestyle

Peace is a friendly open hand

Peace is a place to understand

Peace in the end will overcome

Peace is for the old and the young

Peace is a legacy to leave

Peace is when we don't have to grieve

Peace is and end to all the hate

Peace is why we negotiate

Peace for all the victims of war

Check it out and get inspire... find a poem or write your own poem... record it and share your message of peace with the world.. Have fun, learn, practice and Keep on shining... 

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This is our first poem it was contributed by our dear Giulio Andre Palazzone, a student from Level 5- Class S711

 Looking forward to reading and listening to your poems...