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Advantages of using mind maps for speaking

Intensive Course - Level 2

Advantages of using Mind Maps for Speaking.
This is a recount of how my students have been using mind maps to communicate their ideas.  My students are EFL students at university level. We integrate technology into a face to face class. We have three trimester at year. In a trimester, there could be 8 or 12 groups of 32 students each, interacting trough out our class blog or our Facebook group. Creating a little community of practice where students from different classes benefit and follow each others work. 
We have regular face to face classes once a week and they connect through the use of online tools. We try to be a blended class that gets the best of two worlds. And  I mean we try , since we have to follow a syllabus designed for a more traditional class following our English Center policies.
We use mind maps to convey ideas and present them visually as a supporting material for speaking about the lessons we have covered during our classes together. Students produce their own mind maps to answer questions. These mind maps collect the contents and experience shared during the trimester.
I am convince now that by using mind maps, students can produce oral language in a coherent, cohesive, clear, organized, and memorable way. It allows them to expand vocabulary and associate new and old words to images that help convey meaning easily and in a specific context. As, Steve Darn writes in his article about graphic organisers
"These mind maps serve as a record of the learner's thinking process and it can be used to assess students' knowledge and understand of the content, thinking skills and creativity."
Most of the time when studying for oral exams, students try to memorize chunks or sentences to be repeated as robots. By using mind maps, students know what they are saying, and the ones looking at their maps or listening to them will understand what it is said even though pronunciation and fluency is not the best. It works great for low, intermediate or advance levels. 
By bringing their own materials to be tested on, students confidence is greatly increased.  Having practiced and recorded their reports on their mind maps give them confidence and their self esteem improves, so talking to others is not such a terrible thing to do in the new language.
The understanding and use of the words, structures and expressions learned in class stay with them. It allows them to visualized how much they have covered and worked on mastering a foreign language.
Creating a mind map requires the understanding of the basics of mind maps. In order to do that we look at mind maps created by other students, discussing critically what it takes to create a good tool that will help them talk in a clear, organized fun way.
They notice that mind maps use images, words and arrows to show relations. They are placed in the graphic in a specific way. And that they need to follow relations in order to read them and talk about them. Selecting appropriated images and relating them to concepts and ideas, informs the teacher about the knowledge the student has and allow others benefit from the knowledge shared in the map. 
Students become creators that will inspire and help others to keep on creating. Knowledge amplifies and creates waves, students compare their work and evaluate themselves and their classmates. Resulting in a community that learn together and help each other.
Literacies and critical thinking are also present in the use of mind maps. 
If you want to know more about mind maps check this post out!!!
Here we have an example of a mind map of one of my students:

As extra practice and with the idea of integrating technology in our classes. They also write a script of the map to be checked and edited by a tutor or by the teacher. 
Dave's script 

Later, students read their maps and their voices are recorded in a power point slide. This help students practice their pronunciation and improve their fluency when speaking.  They can also upload their presentations to Authorstream and share it in a social network like twitter or in our Facebook group where students and educators can leave comments on their work.
Samer Buitrago

Finally on the day on the exam. Students display their maps in a poster in the classroom and talk about them by answering the questions of their teacher or fellow classmates.

Steve Darn, Freelance Trainer, Izmir, Turkey, who writes for the 
British Council, summarizes some of the advantages of graphic organizers this way:

A graphic organiser (also known as a concept map, mind map or relationship chart) is usually a one-page form with blank areas for learners to complete with ideas and information which are connected in some way. Some organisers are very specific; others are versatile. Often, the information on a graphic organiser could just as easily be written on a form or list, but the organiser offers certain advantages:

  • Graphic organisers provide the learner with a different way of seeing and thinking about information.
  • Language barriers (words, grammar) are removed, so that learners can focus on the connections between information.
  • The visual display conveys complex information in a simple-to-understand manner. Showing (as opposed to telling) how information is structured is a way of facilitating understanding. In most cases, dual-presentation (visual representation plus is more successful than either approach alone, regardless of whether the student is a visual or auditory learner.
  • Analytical, critical, planning and creative thinking skills are developed. To create the map, the learner has to identify the relationships between items, examine the meanings attached to them, and prioritise the information and decide where each item should be placed on the map. Students are more likely to become strategic learners.
  • A lot of information can be converted into a structured, easy-to-read, graphic display. A large amount of information can be displayed to provide the "big picture" of a topic.
  • Changes can easily be made to allow learners to take different perspectives and clarify their thoughts. Organisers are easy to edit, revise, and add to.
  • Creating the map helps the learner to generate ideas and see the possibilities associated with a topic as the map grows.
  • Graphic organisers have multiple uses. They can be used to structure writing projects, summarise reading texts, organise and store vocabulary, and help in problem solving, decision making, studying, planning research and brainstorming.
  • Subject-matter is comprehended faster and more efficiently. Because the demands of processing the language are reduced, content can be considered at more sophisticated levels.
  • While organisers often represent an individual's arrangement of information, they can also be used at group or class levels. A class flow-chart of the storyline of a class reader may help all the students to follow the plot.
  • Since most graphic organisers use short words or phrases, and sometimes drawings, they can be used with all levels and with young and less-able learners.
  • The teacher is given a record of the learner's thinking process. Graphic organisers can be used to assess students' knowledge and understand of the content, thinking skills and creativity.

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Welcome Classes Sep-Dec 2012

Well, a new trimester is about to start... Welcomeeverybody!

This new trimester, we will be learning in a blended connected way. But what is that? you may be asking yourself. Well, let's try to explain what it is about. To start with:
  1. It is mostly about learning and practicing your English both in your classroom and on line.
  2. You will be reading, listening to, writing and talking about different topics in English.
  3. It is about learning English using technology. That means we will be using computers, mobiles and internet to find real updated information concerning your different interests. We are going to experiment and play with new ways to learn autonomously. Learning for life. Learning to learn. Learning by doing. We will be watching and listening to videos as well as making videos. We'll have the chance to use different tools to express our ideas and interact with people.
  4. It is about learning and practicing your English in groupsin community. Be ready to meet students and teachers from the university and the world. Of course, there will be tasks you must complete on your own.
This is a Presentation that summarises the program for our classes:

Well, we can share great memories and have fun in this class!

Keep on shiniing love and peace!

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Mind Maps Contents for the Oral Exam - Sep-Dec 2012

These are the contents of the different units and the different levels... check your level and your contents:
Mind Map 1: About me
* this map just shows words but you should use images, too.
Stephanie Zabaleta 
Monica Nuñez

Personal info: Name, last name, age, country, city
School life: University, faculty, trimester, subjects
Opinion about English

Mind Map 2:

Example level 1 - David Melean

My level 1
Unit 1: Name, last name, email, telephone, favorites
Unit 2: Country, city, nationality, language, Description of a city
Unit 3: Personal items, perfect gift, descriptions of products, what you have in your bag
Unit 4: What are they doing?- School: subjects, trimester, how you are doing
Unit 5: Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, favorite dish, description of the dish
Unit 6: Family tree and relationships

My level 2

Unit 7: Schedule: weekdays and weekend activities, time, morning, afternoon, evening
Unit 8: Celebrations: dates, favorite celebration: when, how, where, what they do to celebrate, Why
Unit 9: Daily schedule: One day in the life: morning, afternoon , evening. Time
Unit 10: Home sweet home: Describe house or apartment, furniture, prepositions (where are the things), favorite room
Unit 11: Clothing: clothes for different events and weather. Shopping, prices, Colors
Unit 12: Jobs. Occupations, where do people work. What they do. Opinion about the job. Description of the personality.

My level 3

Unit 1: New friends- New Faces : my Physical description, my favorite person (personal info)
Unit 2: Express yourself: Feelings and gestures
Unit 3. shopping : Favorite supermarket - My favorite place to shop
Unit 4: Around city. Places in the city, Giving directions.
Unit 5: Going on Vacations: My vacation, place, weather, things to do. what i need. Suggestions... should, shouldn't
Unit 6: some more about me: Hobbies, personality, plans

My level 4
Unit 7: Change, habits, dreams
Unit 8: Heroes. Heroes from the past, present, movie heroes, cartoon, personal heroe
Unit 9: Memory. Childhood memories: toys, food, vacations, family, school
Unit 10: Health problems and stress. causes, consecuences, tips
Unit 11: Talented people: What they do, what the can do
Unit 12: Movies: genre, poster, fast facts, soundtrack, review
My level 5
Unit 1: People in your life. Relationships (friends, colleagues, relatives, classmates. Memories of high school
Unit 2: Food. description of food, description of dishes and restaurants (comparison)
Unit 3: Unsolved mysteries. Crime and amazing stories
Unit 4: Trends in families and in general: fashion, sports, electronics, music, etc
Unit 5: Errands and description of neighborhoods
Unit 6: Student life. Describe your university and your student life. university campus. Plans after graduation

Mind Map 3: Reflections

David Melean- Level 1

Classmates: Opinion about your group
Classes: Opinion about your classes
Lessons: favorite lesson, most difficult lesson, Why?
Material and tools: book, workbook, notebook, facebook group, class blog, you tube videos, wikipedia, google, google translator, powerpoint, word, authorstream, dictionary, tutors...
What I improved: Listening, writing, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, reading, use of digital tools
What I need to keep on practicing


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3rd Term Tasks - May-July 2012

Well, we got to the end of the trimester and these are the tasks assigned for this term:

Common tasks for all levels:

Facebook task and Second Life task

Level 1

Unit 5 Food

A. What's in the menu. Complete the following menu.

B. Write a composition about you Use these questions or add some more:

Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday?
What’s your favorite meal of the day?
If you have breakfast, what do you have?
What’s in a Marabino’s Breakfast?
Do you like Venezuelan Food?
What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
What’s your favorite dish in their menu?
what food from other countries do you know?
Which ones do you like?
Which ones you don’t like?
Do you cook?
What’s your favorite dish?
Where is it from?
What do you need to prepare it?

PowerPoint + sound (check with a tutor first and use the corrector ortográfico in English)

C. Interview someone from another country. use the same questions.This is David's work... check it out...

Unit 6 Family

A. Work on these exercises:

* Family Vocabulary
* Family Vocabulary Quiz

B. Draw your family tree and write a composition about it. Include thepossesive forms.

This is David Melean's family


Hello, everyone! My name's David Meleán. I'm 19 years old. I live with my mother, Katty, and my sister, Carmen, therefore in my family there are three people; we're a small family and we're from Venezuela. My mother's divorced, she's 46 years old, and my sister's single, she's 21 years old and he's a university student.
José and Katty are my parents, and I'm their son. My parents're not married. They are divorced.
Carmen is my parents' daughter, therefore she's my sister too, and I'm her brother.

Mariela's husband is Miguel and Miguel's wife is Mariela.
Alex's mother is Duilia.
Kathy's father is Isaías.
Luis and Michelle are Mariela's Children
Cecilia and Duilia are my grandmothers.
Isaías is  Luis's grandfather.
Me, Carmen, Luis and Michelle are Cecilia's grandchildren .
Duilia's granddaughter is Carmen and Duilia's grandson is me.
My uncles are Miguel and Alex.
Carmen's aunt is Mariela.
José's nephew is Luis.
Katty's niece is Michelle.
Luis's Cousin  are Carmen and me.
Miguel's father is Isaías; Katty is his sister-in-law.
Katty's mother-in-law is Duilia; Miguel is her brother.
Cecilia's sons are Miguel and my dad.
Duilia's daughter-in-law is Katty.

Level 2

Unit 11 Clothing

A. Make a collage with pictures of people wearing different clothes. Write short conversations about what they are wearing:

Maria: Hi, Carlos. What are you wearing?
Carlos: Hi, Maria. I am wearing a blue jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans. I am also wearing white socks and blue sneakers. What about you?
Maria: I am going to the unversity. I am wearing. a pink top, blue jeans and pink sandals.

B. Make a collage with images of clothing and accesories. Write short conversations about the prices and the colors.

Maria: Excuse me, How much are the brown shoes?
Carlos: They are 200 $
Maria: ahh that's expensive. How much is the pink T-shirt?
Carlos: It's 20 $.
Maria: That's nice. I will take it.

Unit 12  Jobs

A. Make a collage with different jobs and write about the jobs in the pictures. Include your picture and talk about you. Use these questions to help you write the composition:

* What's your name?
* What do you do?
* Where do you work?
* What are you like?


This is Jennifer Lopez. She's a singer, actress and a dancer. She works on TV and movies. She's responsible, hardworking, creative, outgoing

Level 4

Unit 11  Talents

A. Make a collage with Amazing people that has done amazing things!! This is one of he most amazing people in the world and history....

Leonardo Da Vinci

B. Make a power point presentation about your talent. Use these questions to tell about your talent…
What’s your talent? What can you do ? What are you good at?
What do you need to do it?
Explain how to do something related to your talent.
Show some proof of what you say you can do.

 This is an example:


My name's Octavio Duque. I am from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am a law student in URBE. I am a businessman. I have a grocery store.I can manage my business. I can play chess, too.

I need some money to start a business. To play chess I just need a board.

I have my own business because I can't get a normal job. I am disabled but I can manage my small grocery store. I decide to start a bsiness to support my family. Ans I love to play chess.

I can manage my business really well. I am good at this. And I can play chess well, too.

Unit 12 Movies

* Go to and select a movie that you like.
* Get the poster of the movie and the trailer.
* Get the facts fact of the movie: Director,  Release Date, Genre (key words),  Tag line, Plot, Cast (the main actors and actresses, short description of the character in the movie), Fun stuff, trivia: some interesting fact about the movie, quotes: Select a scene of the movie and write the dialog of the scene...
* Get the lyrics and the song of the movie. Point out what part of the song do you like the most and how the song relates to the movie.
* Review of the movie: read several reviews of the movie.. quote some of them and add your group's review...
* What's the message in the movie?
* Post your powerpoint ppt in your blog.. remember to record your voice explaining the slides...
Share your work in Twitter or Facebook..

Level 5

Unit 5 Errands and neigborhoods

A. Make a collage with images of your errands. Write a paragraph describing the errands you run.

B. Make a collage of your neigborhood. Describe it using the following: traffic, safety, shopping, litter, schools, neigbords, public transportation, parks, etc.

Unit 6 School life

A. Make a collage with pictures of your school life. Write a paragraph to describe what your student life is like.
B. Describe your university campus.. add a picture of your university campus
C. Write about your plans ater you graduate. Use will and going to.

Well, that's all for everyone... hope you have fun ..learning and practicing your English.

Keep on shining love and peace.. It was a great trimester!!!

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Level 1. Unit 6 This is my family!

Family Vocabulary
Family Vocabulary Quiz

Final Project May-Jul 2012

Hello, there! Well, we are entering the third term of the trimester and it's time for us to find out how much we have achieved during our time together. Our final project is an interesting assessment exercise... Where we will be working different skills like writing, speaking, listening and reading. We'll practice:
  • How to work in groups to collaborate, cooperate, share, teach and learn together.
  • How to integrate different technological tools: creating and designing a power point presentation, audio recording, power point uploading, posting to a blog, sharing in social networks, like facebook, and twitter.
  • Transferring the knowledge got during our classes and using it to talk about different topics from the ones discussed in class.
  • Reflecting on what we have achieved.
  • Leave your mark on this class
Final presentation jan-Apr 2011

Visit these links to see some examples of students work...:

Level 2

    Dariely RomeroAll About Argentina

    For the oral part of the final project:

    Example of a good mindmap for level 3


    Also, the invitation is to participate in our Second Life Urbe EFL Center  Best Project Exhibition!

    Well, if you have any questions.. please.. ask...
    Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

      Sunday, July 15, 2012

      A visit to The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge

      Follow your Dreams... by Krstali Rabeni 
      Hello, there! This week we are visiting The UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge, all the work of art display at the UWA Challenge Gallery, come in from all parts of the globe including the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, France, Canada, England, Denmark, the USA, Serbia, Italy, Uruguay, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and the Philippines, among others.

      We'll also participate in the audience event... This is the description of what you have to do to participate:


      You have the chance to win some lindens..They are asking everyone to view the artworks and give them your TOP 10 artworks overall, in order of your preference (email OR list them on a notecard to Jayjay Zifanwe - please put your avatar's name on the title of the notecard with the words UWA Centenary 3D Audience Event). Like this:  Pionia Destiny UWA Centenary 3D Audience Event

      The 3 participants whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel, will win for themselves L$5,000, L$3,000 and L$2,000 each. The first prize winner will also be invited to be on the panel for the next grand art challenge and ALL 3 will receive in the mail a special pack that includes a copy of the book, '100 Treasures of UWA' which was produced for UWA's Centenary.



      Click Here for Start Location (OR, you can teleport directly to each artwork by clicking the name):

      Apollosmile - Steel Piano Grand (Sci Fi)
      Artee - Le Violoncelle de Béton / (Concrete Cello) [to Eléonore Schöffer]
      Asperix Asp - Spanish Revolutions
      Ayla Janick - Whale Song
      Barry Richez - Imagination
      Bryn Oh - Cerulean
      Cajska Carlsson - The Geometry of Flux
      Celestine Ghiardie - Jeg en gård mig bygge vil (I would build a farm)
      Cherry Manga - Terra-Mater
      Chic Aeon - Tree of Dreams
      Chuckmatrix Clip - Bipolar
      Cica Ghost - 5 to 12
      Coddax - Eden
      Corcosman Voom - Patsy Sees a Ghost
      Counting Offcourse - Quackness flexified
      Daco Monday - Pittura
      Dave Searby Mason - May Star Ball
      Dawnwalker - Within the Egg
      DB Bailey - Burn Baby Burn
      Dragonslord - HMSX Sirius Spaceship Uwa
      Dudi - Schism
      Earl Dinkin - Seven Friends Suddenly Sorry Out of Order
      Eliza Weirwight - The Caravanserai of Fractured Fairytales
      Elizabeth Spieler - Omnibus
      Fae Varriale - Heartwood
      Farstar Enoch - The Dancers, Children of the Abyss
      Finn Lanzius - Earth Debris
      Fiona Blaylock - Beautiful Dreamer
      Followmeimthe Piedpiper - 1936 Brough Superior motorcycle
      Fuschia Nightfire - Ariadne Spinning The Universe
      Gaea Singh - Steam Powered Blimp
      Ginger Lorakeet - Inside Art
      Gleman Jun - The culture is not enough
      Glyph Graves - reflections in diversity
      Haveit Neox - 100th Year of Raining Pages
      Ichibot Nishi - Ichibot Nishi - Somafree Gestaltabteilung A
      Jazz88 - DeStjil Tryptique
      Jess Oranos - Fountain of My Imagination
      Jesse Keyes - Dont press the button!
      JessieLeahy - Embracing Our Enemies
      June Clavenham - Humanity
      Katz Jupiter - Woman who fell from the sky
      Kicca Igaly - Hell
      kjs Yip - Painting with Light Color & Prim
      Krystali Rabeni - Follow Your Dreams
      Kyra Roxan - Shattererd Hope
      Letty Luckstone - Zerschmetterte (Shattered)
      Linda McAllister - Bad day at the UWA
      Lollito Larkham - L'histoire de Petit-Gris (The story of Petit-Gris)
      London Junkers - Sailing to the Moon
      Mad Varnish - Svetovid
      Mikati Slade - Different Faces. One Love.
      Miss Crumb - my extreem tree box lights
      Moeuhane Sandalwood - Purify the Lands
      nexuno Thespian - Looking Inside Myself
      Nima Benoir - Crossroads, On The Road To Neverland
      Ninka Darkstone - Seahorses
      Nino Vichan - I am thy father's spirit
      Noke Yuitza - Alien Humanity
      Pale Illusion - Cathedral of Thoughts
      Pamala Clift - Wings of an Idea
      PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic - Catastrophically Thinking Outside The Box
      Pol Jarvinen - Langueur
      Pravda Core - Teracotta Army
      RAG Randt - ICCMS Cone
      Raisa Nadezda - Q Power
      Rebeca Bashly - Mother
      Rheaven Tussaud - Mystical Mirage
      Rikku Yalin - Woody Robot
      Rose Borchovski - Susa 2 not allowed at two fish
      Rose Sak - The inside of my mind
      Sabine Stonebender - To gleam..walk..And bubble...
      Sasha Dielli - Chalice of Love
      Scarp Godenot - Primitive Memory Reversal Extractor
      Scottius Polke - Oxide Eden
      Sea Mizin - ERVborn Tree of Life
      Secret Rage - The Golden Apple
      Selavy Oh - Silence, please
      Silene Christen - Tribute to Salvador Dali
      Soda Lemondrop - UWA 100 Years
      Sonna Bazar - Heart vs Train
      Soror Nishi - The Goatfruit Tree
      Takni Miklos - Keep Off The Grass
      Teal Freenote - Kintsugi
      Theda Tammas - Thorns (after Robert Juniper, St Xavier's Thorn and a Fetish, 1954)
      Thoth Jantzen - World Egg of Khemennu
      Tyrehl Byk/Ultraviolet Alter - To Be The Wind
      Ub Yifu - A Star is Born
      Yabusaka Loon - Giant Inrush
      Yooma Mayo - Zoea Larva
      Write a post on your blog about the event.. take pictures and select 10 work of art. Remmeber..... 

      Email OR list them on a notecard to Jayjay Zifanwe - please put your avatar's name on the title of the notecard with the words UWA Centenary 3D Audience Event. 

      Like this:  Pionia Destiny UWA Centenary 3D Audience Event

      We are going to have fun!!! So I will see you all this week.. don't forget to get your avatars at  

      Pionia Destiny

      Wednesday, July 11, 2012

      Final Project Groups - May- July 2012

      Level 1

      Group 1
      The killers
      Leader: Jasmin Nava - Units 1, 2, 3
      Techno: Leonardo y jasmin
      Logistic: Leonardo Medelice - Units 4, 5, 6
      Date: 31/07/2012

      Group 2
      Christina Aguilera
      Leader: Alfredo Batista
      Techno: Kervin Palmar
      Logistic: Hildelmar Alarcon
      Date: 31/07/2012

      Group 3
      Arjona's Life
      Leader: Maria Diaz
      Techno: Samer Buitrago
      Logistic: Romero Marianne
      Date: 31/07/2012

      Group 4
      Leader: Ivaina Garcia - Units 1, 2
                   Ritzmery ferrer - Units 3,4
      Techno: Damaly Badell - Units 5, 6 (A)
      Logistic: Albanis Montoya - Units 5, 6 (B)
      Date: 31/07/2012

      Group 5
      Warm Miami
      Leader: Anais Reyes - Units 3, 4
      Techno: Emily Franco - Units 1, 2
      Logistic: Antonella Alaña - Units 5, 6
      Date: 31/07/2012

      Group 6
      Tim Burton
      Leader: Geraldine Moran - Units 3, 4
      Techno: Nelson Espina - Units 5, 6 (A)
                   Heliday Santiago - Units 5, 6 (B)
      Logistic: Patricia Rincon - Units 1, 2
      Date: 31/07/2012


      Group 1
      Music and Singers
      Leader: Lesbia Vilchez- Units 4, 5, 6
      Techno: Lesbia Vilchez
      Logistic: Ana Negrete- Units 1, 2, 3
      Date: 25/07/2012

      Group 2
      Frankfurt- Germany
      Leader: Mary Mosquera - Units 5, 6
      Techno: Carlos Padron - Units 3, 4
      Logistic: Adaira Urribarri - Units 1, 2
      Date: 25/07/2012

      Group 3
      Mahatma Gandhi
      Grecia Chacin
      Monica Nuñez
      Jose Godoy
      David Melean
      Date: 25/07/2012

      Group 4
      Leader: Ricardo Medina - Units 1, 2
      Techno: Ivan Romero - Units 5, 6
      Logistic: Maria Delfin - Units 3, 4
      Date: 01/08/2012

      Group 5
      Baseball (Las Aguilas)
      Leader: Jose Abreu - Units 5, 6
      Techno: Shara Atencio - Units 3, 4
      Logistic: Mariana Molina - Units 1, 2
      Date: 01/08/2012

      Group 6
      Sports -Gymnastics
      Leader: Carol Urdaneta - Units 3, 4
      Techno: Evely Rojas - Units 1, 2
      Logistic: Genesis Villalobos - Units 5, 6
      Date: 01/08/2012

      Group 7
      Ricardo Arjona
      Leader: Ysamar Vargas - Units 5, 6 (A)
      Techno: Genesis Vargas - Units 3, 4
                   Rosana Moronta - Units 1, 2
      Logistic: Lissmary Perez - Units 5, 6 (B)
      Date: 01/08/2012


      Group 1
      Michael Malamed
      Leader: Paola Guerere - Units 1,2
      Techno: Leidimar Ramos - Units 1,2
              kevin Gonzalez - Units 3,4
      Logistic: Emiralys Gutierrez - Units 5,6
      Date: 26/07/2012

      Group 2
      Chino y Nacho
      Leader: Arianna Moreno - Units 3,4
      Techno: Ruzdelis Gomez - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Osmary Pineda - Units 5,6
      Date: 02/08/2012

      Group 3
      Luis Fonsi's Life
      Leader: Maria Paz - Units 5,6 (B)
      Techno: Eliaines Matos - Units 5,6 (A)
              Mariaolga Yagua - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Laurys Fernandez - Units 3,4
      Date: 02/08/2012

      Group 4
      Rawayana - Banda Nacional
      Leader: Andrea Cohen - Units 3,4
      Techno: Andrea Chirinos - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Angelica Primera - Units 5,6
      Date: 26/07/2012

      Group 5
      Katty Perry
      Leader: Ana Vivolo - Units 3,4
      Techno: Rossalen Rincon - Units 5,6
      Logistic: Mariangel Arteaga - Units 1,2
      Date: 26/07/2012

      Group 6
      Johnny Dep
      Leader: Elizabeth Carruyo  - Units 1,2
      Techno: Alejandra Perez - Units 3,4
      Logistic: Juan Alvarez - Units 1,2
                Geovanna Pinzon - Units 5,6  
      Date: 26/07/2012

      Group 7
      Jhon Lennon
      Leader: Harols Nieles - Units 1,2,3
      Techno: Fabiola Sardi - Units 4,5,6
      Date: 26/07/2012


      Group 1
      Leader: Maria Mucarel - Units 5,6 (A)
              Jenire Carrasquero - Units 5, 6 (A)
      Techno: Ines Urdaneta - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Arianny Schut - Units 3,4
      Date: 26/07/2012

      Group 2
      Los Simpson
      Leader: Gabriel Barrios - Units 3,4
      Techno: Jhoselyn Barreto - Units 5,6 (B)
      Logistic: Desire Martinez - Units 5,6 (A)
                Salvatore Di pasquale - Units 1,2
      Date: 02/08/2012

      Group 3
      Leader: Luigi Abbaticchio - Units 5,6
      Techno: Jennifer Primera - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Darien Barreto - Units 3,4
      Date: 02/08/2012

      Group 4
      Leader: Daniel Santiago - Units 5,6 (A)
              Rosangel parra  - Units 5,6 (B)
      Techno: Maria Soto - Units 3,4
      Logistic: Marines hernandez - Units 1,2
      Date: 02/08/2012

      Group 5
      Our Class
      Leader: Michele Rodas - Units 1,2
      Techno: Maria Martinez - Units 5,6
      Logistic: Andrea Vilchez - Units 3,4
      Date: 26/07/2012


      Group 1
      About Maracaibo
      Leader: Daniel Zabala - Units 5,6 (A)
      Techno: Andrea Diaz - Units 5,6 (B)
      Logistic: Carlos Chacin - Units 3,4
                   Kisbel Romero Units 1,2
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 2
      Local and International Cuisine
      Leader: Andres Suarez - Units 5,6
      Techno: Luis Barrios - Units 1,2
                   Fernando Gonzalez - Units 3,4
      Logistic:Jalin Romero - Units 5,6
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 3
      Leonel Messi
      Leader: Nestor Arrias - Units 1,2
      Techno: Jose Gutierrez  - Units 5,6
      Logistic: Jenifer Manzano - Units 3,4
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 4
      Leader: Jeison Parra - Units 1,2
                   Juan Sulbaran - Units 3,4
      Techno: Gustavo Perez - Units 5,6 (A)
      Logistic: Gianfranco Molero - Units 5,6 (B)
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 5
      United States of America
      Leader: Aiskel Salvatore- Units 1,2
      Techno: Karina Anzola - Units 5,6 (B)
      Logistic: Yusmary Castillo - Units 3,4
                    Claribeth Jaramillo Units 5,6 (A)
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 6
      Disney Pixar Animation Studios
      Leader: Rommel Argotte - Units
      Techno: Stephanie Zabaleta - Units
      Logistic: Agnei Marcano- Units
                    Edinor Villalobos
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 7
      Venezuelan Rock
      Leader: Fernando Miquilena - Units 3,4
      Techno: Alma Araujo - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Alejandro Perez - Units 5,6 (A)
                   Luisa Morales Units 5,6 (B)
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Level 2

      Level 4


      Group 1
      Leader: Javier Rivero - Units 7,8
      Techno: Carlos Lopez - Units 11,12
      Logistic: Daniel Guadarrama - Units 9,10
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 2
      Leader: Carolina Perez - Units 11, 12
      Techno: Carlos Barnique - Units 7,8 (A)
      Logistic: Elieser Negron - Units 9,10
                   Yoelvis Castillo -Units 7,8  (B)
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 3
      Leader: Valentina Peña - Units 9,10
      Techno: Patricia Rincon and Luis Leal  - Units 7, 8
      Logistic: Lorena Madriz - Units 11,12
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 4
      Daddy Yankee
      Leader: Marcos Mujica - Units 11,12
      Techno: Karen Morillo - Units 9,10
      Logistic: Elvis Ferrer- Units 7.8
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 5
      Music Industry
      Leader: Eliecer Galindez - Units 11,12
      Techno: Diego Barrera - Units 9,10  (A)
      Logistic: Arnaldo Estrada - Units 7,8
                    Eliander Morales Units 9,10 (B)
      Date: 27/07/2012
      Group 6
      Leader: Angie Meza - Units 7,8
      Techno: Jesanna Corona - Units 9,10
      Logistic: Mayerlin Reyes- Units 11,12
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 7
      The Avengers
      Leader: Humberto Aleman - Units 11,12
      Techno: Aura Linares - Units 7,8
      Logistic: Betsabeth Paz - Units 9,10
      Date: 03/08/2012
      Level 5

      Group 1
      Marc Anthony
      Leader: Marian Gil - Units 3,4
      Techno: Jose Gonzalez - Units 1,2
      Logistic: Valeria Vera - Units 5, 6 (A)
                    Carla Perozo - Unit 5, 6 (B)
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 2
      Leader: Ana Espinoza - Units 1,2
      Techno: Ramon Gil - Units 3,4
      Logistic: Adrian Tuviñez - Units 5,6  (A)
                    Luis Rondon - Units 5,6 (B)
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 3
      President Hugo Chavez Frias
      Leader: Betzabet Maldonado - Units 1,2
      Techno: Iran Uzcategui - Units 3,4
      Logistic: Mario Uzcategui - Units 5,6
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 4
      Leader: Guillermo Briceño - Units 1,2
      Techno: Samuel Cabrera - Units 5,6
      Logistic: Ixchel Colmenares - Units 3,4
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 5
      Assasin's Creed
      Hector Ferrer
      Date: 27/07/2012

      Group 6

      Venezuelan sceneries
      Leader: Luis Armijo - Units 1,2,3
      Techno: Erliana Dileone - Units 4,5,6
      Date: 03/08/2012

      Group 7
      Leader: Araymar Pacheco -Units 1,2

      Tuesday, July 10, 2012

      Level 1. Unit 5 Talking about Food

      Things to say: Vocabulary and Expressions

      What’s on the menu?
      A: What’s on the menu for breakfast?
      B: There’s cereal and bacon & eggs.

      Extra exercises on food vocabulary

      Reading a Menu 
      Understanding the Menu
      On The Menu

      Pronunciation: the and sound

      Talking about likes and dislikes
      A. Do you like Venezuelan Food?
      B. Yes, I love it! Thanks a lot/ No, I don’t really like it.
      A. What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
      B. I love D’Vinci.
      A: What food from other countries do you know?
      B: In my city you can find Italian, Mexican, Arabic, American, Colombian and Japanese food.
      A: Which ones do you like?
      B:I love Arabic and Chinese food.
      A: Which ones you don’t like?
      B: I can’t stand Japanese food. I don’t like Sushi.

      Chant along..use Frere jaques..

      I like chicken, I like chicken,
      Chicken and chips, chicken and chips,
      Cheese and chocolate, cheese and chocolate,
      Ice cream too, ice cream too.
      Talk  about your favorite recipe.

      My favorite dish is called Pabellon. This dish is from Venezuela. people eat it for lunch and dinner. It has rice, shredded meat, plantain, and black beans. In maracaibo people like their black beans salty but in Caracas, they like them sweet. It's delicious!

      Useful Grammar to practice

      The simple present
      A. Do you like Venezuelan Food?
      B. Yes, I love it! Thanks a lot/ No, I don’t really like it.

      Positive and negative statements
      A. I love pizza
      B: I don’t like fish soup
      A: Mary loves pizza, too.
      B: Miguel doesn’t like fish soup, either.

      Yes/No questions
               Do you
                     we        like pizza?
            Does he

      Irregular forms
      I go to school
      He goes to school
      I have eggs for breakfast
      She has cornflakes
      I do homework everyday
      He does homework everyday, too.
      A. What's in the menu. Complete the following menu.

      B. Write a composition about you Use these questions:

       Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday?
       What’s your favorite meal of the day?
       If you have breakfast, what do you have?
       What’s in a Marabino’s Breakfast?
       Do you like Venezuelan Food?
       What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
       What’s your favorite dish in their menu?
       what food from other countries do you know?
       Which ones do you like?
       Which ones you don’t like?
       Do you cook?
       What’s your favorite dish?
       Where is it from?
       What do you need to prepare it?

      PowerPoint + sound (check with a tutor first and use the corrector ortográfico in English)

      C. Interview someone from another country. use the same questions.