Monday, January 30, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bloggers Jan-Apr 2012

Welcome bloggers!!!!

D201 Jan-Apr2012
Beverly Gomez    beverly26
Felix Urribarri   
Roxanny Colina   
Jonathan Mendez   
Brannier Villalobos   
Dayana Aguilar   
Genesis Parra           genesispb
Leandro Carruyo   
Stephanie Linares   
Andrea Fuenmayor   
Mario Mundarain
Giovanna Gonzalez  Vanasays
Jasmely Aponte
Rafael Ordoñez rafael o
Alexander Camperos
Rafael Avila

J252 Jan-Apr 2012
Martha Agamez
Yhalmara Perche     
Ysabel Carruyo   
Jhulimar Fraga   
Alba Delmar      Albistar
Eiliz Castillo   
Elibeth Gando
Betzabeth Blanco   dibeth
Maria Mendoza Bracho    gospi
katerine inciarte    http.//   
katerine inciarte   
Patricia Valle   
Orli Linares   
Andrea paz   
Magglys guerrero   
Ivana Quintero   
Judeiglis Fuenmayor
Haydee Ovando 


N311 Jan-Apr2012
Hebert Ruiz   
Marielis Perez   
Marcos MUjica  marcosv75
Michele Chavez    Michele Chavez
Anderson tovar    andersont13
Rafita Morese    raflae
Maria Marin    mariaaa5
Aylen Pacheco   
Evone Pacheco
Maria Gonzalez
Diego Rincon    diegoorincon
Shearley Ovalles   shearley
Gustavo Villegas
Betsabe Paz betsa42
Will Molina will Molina


Carolina Perez
Claritza Contreras    clarix90
Eduardo Pirela    pirelaeduardo
Luis Rivero    luismaster9
Carlos barniquez
Mildred Chaparro
Eliezer Henriquez
Yoelvy  Castillo

Daniela Machado
Javier Mejias
Carlos Palomares   
Isaac Elejalde
Raquel Domingo   
Jose Reyes    JARB86

Nataly Palacio    Nushita
alexandra bajayo    alex
Jessica Nieto        Cerealbx
Rafael Sifontes    Imraff


M511 Jan-April 2012
Emanuel Castillo
Mayerlys Colpa
Rainier Medina    medinaalex5
Enma Urdaneta
Mairelys Villalobos
More Herrera    more243
Carlos Estruve   
Jorge Villegas
Joscary Morillo    Joscary
Cessy Rangel   
Daniela Quintero
Paola aguado
Aura Castillo   
Gabriel Pulgar
Maria fuenmayor   
Darielys Romero
Maria Padilla
jose vazquez
mariana venero  
heidy gonzalez  heidy01
Coromoto Rincon
Osmariagny Mendez
jesus reyes
Jose Saturnino
yuneidy rodriguez  
grumar pereira
andres acosta
ricardo garcia
Raul Puentes


C511 Jan-Apr2012
Alberto Lanciato    alanciato
gloria chavez    ivanaC23
Karelys Ferrer    Karitah
Isabel Romero    RebehkkaCassiopeia
Carlos Romero   
Reynaldo Faria    reynaldogabriel
Jose Gonzalez    jose javier gonzalez fonseca
Hugo Rodriguez   
dubraska chacin    dubraskachacin
Jose Coy
Jose Acevedo
Karelis Ferrer
Juler Nava
Roberto Sanchez
Henry Barreto    HenryBP
ariannys sanchez
Luis Romero LDavidRS
jose berrueta
mark moreno
Rony Chourio
Miguel Medina
Jesus Perozo
rhonald cañizalez
Miguel Farias

Keep on shining Love and Peace!!!
Proud of you guys! You are all fireworks!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogging tips.. How to blog.. Things to consider

These are wonderful tips on how to blog. Please check them out for a better blogging experience. They are in English, yes... try to read.. you will be surprised on how much you will understand. These are the guidelines to evaluate yourself.

Now, a little bit about blogs...

Spend time exploring blogs together. Have you read a blog before? Do you have a favorite blog. Share your favorites if you have some. What do you notice about blog format? What’s the writing like? What about the use of photos and other images? How does a blogger make a blog unique? The audiences for blogs vary. Some are intended for a broad audience, such as a sports figure who blogs for fans. Other blogs may be more personal and intended only for a few close friends. Others are for educational purposes. 

Getting Started with Blogger

Blogging Information Sheet

Common Blog Features

Blogger Entries and Comments

Online Commenting Guidelines

Think before you post!

Before you write a comment and post it, don't forget to think. You may want to use WORD to write and edit your comment. If you do so, you will have a chance to re-read your comment before you copy and paste it to the blog. This will give you the opportunity to think again about what you have just written before you actually post it. I also suggest you preview your comment before you publish it.

Watch the following video....

What did you learn from it? Is it a good advice?
Well, hope all these material will help you to be a great blogger!

Keep on shining love and peace!
Dr. Doris Molero

Blogging tips taken from  ReadWriteThink
Think before you post by Eduardo Lina 
Video: Internet photos by

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating an Avatar in Second Life

Creating an Avatar in Second Life
Your first step is to create an avatar on Second Life. You can try it alone by going to and click on JOIN NOW or you can watch the following video. This video is a video tutorial taken from The university of Texas at Brownsville

You will need to have been born before August 1, 1992 to get an avatar that can go to URBE EFL Center.

After you have created your avatar, you will need to download a viewer to your computer. When you complete the avatar tutorial on Second Life they will instruct you to download their viewer. There are other options. We recommend the Phoenix Firestorm viewer. This viewer is more reliable, creates less lag, and easy to use. Click here for an instructional video on the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

If you prefer the Second Life viewer and missed the download, you can find on this webpage Scroll to the bottom of the page and download the viewer. The difference between the viewers is that the Second Life viewer often has more advanced visual and audio features. The downside is that the Second Life viewer has many updates that are not always stable. Click here to download the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

1. If you are using the SL viewer, change your viewer from Basic to Advanced. If you fail to do this you will not be able to do all the fun things. If you are on Advanced, you will see tabs on the left and extra features on the bottom tab of your viewer. See the image on the right.

2. Now log on to your viewer and put Pionia Destiny in the Search Box on the top right. Click on People and you will see the name. Click on Profile and make Pionia Destiny a friend. I will know you are on and be able to provide assistance. You only have to send me an IM.

3. To go to URBE EFL Center you just have to click on the following link:

You must belong to the group:..EFL Center in SL. Send an IM to Pionia Destiny asking to be invited to the group or look into Pionia Destiny Profile and look for URBE EFL Center in SL group there. Once you have found it, just click and join.

Virtual Worlds are just like the Internet. As a representative of URBE you are to conduct yourself professionally at all times. Just like the Internet it is easy to put information up, but you can never take it down. Do not say or do anything that you would not want your Grandmother or a future employer to see.