Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogging tips.. How to blog.. Things to consider

These are wonderful tips on how to blog. Please check them out for a better blogging experience. They are in English, yes... try to read.. you will be surprised on how much you will understand. These are the guidelines to evaluate yourself.

Now, a little bit about blogs...

Spend time exploring blogs together. Have you read a blog before? Do you have a favorite blog. Share your favorites if you have some. What do you notice about blog format? What’s the writing like? What about the use of photos and other images? How does a blogger make a blog unique? The audiences for blogs vary. Some are intended for a broad audience, such as a sports figure who blogs for fans. Other blogs may be more personal and intended only for a few close friends. Others are for educational purposes. 

Getting Started with Blogger

Blogging Information Sheet

Common Blog Features

Blogger Entries and Comments

Online Commenting Guidelines

Think before you post!

Before you write a comment and post it, don't forget to think. You may want to use WORD to write and edit your comment. If you do so, you will have a chance to re-read your comment before you copy and paste it to the blog. This will give you the opportunity to think again about what you have just written before you actually post it. I also suggest you preview your comment before you publish it.

Watch the following video....

What did you learn from it? Is it a good advice?
Well, hope all these material will help you to be a great blogger!

Keep on shining love and peace!
Dr. Doris Molero

Blogging tips taken from  ReadWriteThink
Think before you post by Eduardo Lina 
Video: Internet photos by

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