Thursday, January 28, 2010

Course: Learn English Online (LEO) - March 2010

Course: Learn English Online (LEO) - March 2010: "Learning English Online (LEO) !"

My dear sister, Nellie Deutsch has invited us to join her in this learning adventure. This is what she told us:

Welcome to Learning English Online (LEO). LEO is an English program for adult learners who are interested in ongoing English practice to improve their listening, reading, writing, and spoken skills. The program includes live online events via WiZiQ that are conducted twice a week on a specific time and Moodle lessons that do not have specific times. The two formats are very valuable since they provide a chance for students of English to practice the 4 language skills with other participants from around the world.

 So, what are you waiting for? Click here to go there and register.. this is FREE... you only need to register there........

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human rights are "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled".[1]. The doctrine of human rights aims to identify the necessary positive and negative prerequisites for a "universal" minimal standard of justice, tolerance and human dignity that can be considered the public moral norms owed by and to individuals by the mere virtue of their humanity. Such prerequisites can exist as shared norms of actual human moralities, as justified moral norms or moral rights supported by strong reasons, as legal rights at a national level, or as a legal right within international law.[2] Human rights advocates seek the strong protection of human rights through their effective realisation in each of these ways. The claim of Human rights is therefore that they are universal, in that they are possessed by all by virtue of the fact that they are human, and independent in that their existence as moral standards of justification and criticism is independent whether or not they are recognized and by a particular national or international legal system. or government.[3].

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Friday, January 22, 2010

3rd week- January - April 2010 trimester

Hello, there! Well, this has been our third week of classes... almost over now... Let's review what we did this week in order to connect to our class and classmates on line and collaborate, share, learn and have fun. Use this check list to know if you are following all the activities done so far..

  1. Got a Gmail account. 
  2. Invited my teacher to chat and added her and my classmates to my chat list.
  3. Gotten a blog at Blogger.
  4. Followed my class blog. (To do that just click on the bottom follow in this blog.)
  5. Visited different blogs to look at models and examples. (Bloggers Sep-Dec09)
  6. Posted my first post. This is Elias blog and his first post... check it out and make sure to leave a comment. (Welcome to my blog)
  7. Remembered to add a tittle, a little intro paragraph, my task, a closing paragraph where I reflect on my task and invite readers to leave me a comment, also added key words to my post.
  8. Used the check-speller to check my writing. I showed my work to my tutor and double check before posting.
  9. Got my book... and class MyELT code
  10. Registered to MyELT and checked the exercises to practice during this trimester.
  11. Taken the surveys:  About your English Class
                                  Jan-Apr2010 EFL Survey
                                  Click Here to take survey

                                 About Integrating Technology in the English Class
                                 Jan-Apr2010 EFL Digital Literacy
                                Click Here to take survey 

These are special tasks that you will do to participate in different projects.
  1. Registered to EFLUNIVERSITY and to THE KATAMY to participate in the project with Tampa University Spanish students in SecondLife.
  2. Registered to Twitter and Facebook and I am following URBE and the teacher, as well as my classmates.
  3. Registered to SecondLife, got an avatar and added Pionia Destiny  as friend. (Try if can great... if you can't ... don't worry).
Well, I think ... that's it....!!! Let me know what you think... Probably you will thinking.. wowowo that's too much... Don't hesitate.. and worry.. just try to do what you can and let your classmates and me if you have any doubts and we'll help you.

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Discussion » Doris3m EFL Center. Introduce yourself!

Hello, there.. First class week!!! welcome everybody... OK.. let's introduce ourselves......

Discussion » Doris3m EFL Center. Introduce yourself!

well, hope to meet you soon...

Keep on shining, love and peace!