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Mind Maps Contents for the Oral Exam - Sep-Dec 2012

These are the contents of the different units and the different levels... check your level and your contents:
Mind Map 1: About me
* this map just shows words but you should use images, too.
Stephanie Zabaleta 
Monica Nuñez

Personal info: Name, last name, age, country, city
School life: University, faculty, trimester, subjects
Opinion about English

Mind Map 2:

Example level 1 - David Melean

My level 1
Unit 1: Name, last name, email, telephone, favorites
Unit 2: Country, city, nationality, language, Description of a city
Unit 3: Personal items, perfect gift, descriptions of products, what you have in your bag
Unit 4: What are they doing?- School: subjects, trimester, how you are doing
Unit 5: Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, favorite dish, description of the dish
Unit 6: Family tree and relationships

My level 2

Unit 7: Schedule: weekdays and weekend activities, time, morning, afternoon, evening
Unit 8: Celebrations: dates, favorite celebration: when, how, where, what they do to celebrate, Why
Unit 9: Daily schedule: One day in the life: morning, afternoon , evening. Time
Unit 10: Home sweet home: Describe house or apartment, furniture, prepositions (where are the things), favorite room
Unit 11: Clothing: clothes for different events and weather. Shopping, prices, Colors
Unit 12: Jobs. Occupations, where do people work. What they do. Opinion about the job. Description of the personality.

My level 3

Unit 1: New friends- New Faces : my Physical description, my favorite person (personal info)
Unit 2: Express yourself: Feelings and gestures
Unit 3. shopping : Favorite supermarket - My favorite place to shop
Unit 4: Around city. Places in the city, Giving directions.
Unit 5: Going on Vacations: My vacation, place, weather, things to do. what i need. Suggestions... should, shouldn't
Unit 6: some more about me: Hobbies, personality, plans

My level 4
Unit 7: Change, habits, dreams
Unit 8: Heroes. Heroes from the past, present, movie heroes, cartoon, personal heroe
Unit 9: Memory. Childhood memories: toys, food, vacations, family, school
Unit 10: Health problems and stress. causes, consecuences, tips
Unit 11: Talented people: What they do, what the can do
Unit 12: Movies: genre, poster, fast facts, soundtrack, review
My level 5
Unit 1: People in your life. Relationships (friends, colleagues, relatives, classmates. Memories of high school
Unit 2: Food. description of food, description of dishes and restaurants (comparison)
Unit 3: Unsolved mysteries. Crime and amazing stories
Unit 4: Trends in families and in general: fashion, sports, electronics, music, etc
Unit 5: Errands and description of neighborhoods
Unit 6: Student life. Describe your university and your student life. university campus. Plans after graduation

Mind Map 3: Reflections

David Melean- Level 1

Classmates: Opinion about your group
Classes: Opinion about your classes
Lessons: favorite lesson, most difficult lesson, Why?
Material and tools: book, workbook, notebook, facebook group, class blog, you tube videos, wikipedia, google, google translator, powerpoint, word, authorstream, dictionary, tutors...
What I improved: Listening, writing, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, reading, use of digital tools
What I need to keep on practicing


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