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3rd Term Tasks - May-July 2012

Well, we got to the end of the trimester and these are the tasks assigned for this term:

Common tasks for all levels:

Facebook task and Second Life task

Level 1

Unit 5 Food

A. What's in the menu. Complete the following menu.

B. Write a composition about you Use these questions or add some more:

Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday?
What’s your favorite meal of the day?
If you have breakfast, what do you have?
What’s in a Marabino’s Breakfast?
Do you like Venezuelan Food?
What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
What’s your favorite dish in their menu?
what food from other countries do you know?
Which ones do you like?
Which ones you don’t like?
Do you cook?
What’s your favorite dish?
Where is it from?
What do you need to prepare it?

PowerPoint + sound (check with a tutor first and use the corrector ortográfico in English)

C. Interview someone from another country. use the same questions.This is David's work... check it out...

Unit 6 Family

A. Work on these exercises:

* Family Vocabulary
* Family Vocabulary Quiz

B. Draw your family tree and write a composition about it. Include thepossesive forms.

This is David Melean's family


Hello, everyone! My name's David Meleán. I'm 19 years old. I live with my mother, Katty, and my sister, Carmen, therefore in my family there are three people; we're a small family and we're from Venezuela. My mother's divorced, she's 46 years old, and my sister's single, she's 21 years old and he's a university student.
José and Katty are my parents, and I'm their son. My parents're not married. They are divorced.
Carmen is my parents' daughter, therefore she's my sister too, and I'm her brother.

Mariela's husband is Miguel and Miguel's wife is Mariela.
Alex's mother is Duilia.
Kathy's father is Isaías.
Luis and Michelle are Mariela's Children
Cecilia and Duilia are my grandmothers.
Isaías is  Luis's grandfather.
Me, Carmen, Luis and Michelle are Cecilia's grandchildren .
Duilia's granddaughter is Carmen and Duilia's grandson is me.
My uncles are Miguel and Alex.
Carmen's aunt is Mariela.
José's nephew is Luis.
Katty's niece is Michelle.
Luis's Cousin  are Carmen and me.
Miguel's father is Isaías; Katty is his sister-in-law.
Katty's mother-in-law is Duilia; Miguel is her brother.
Cecilia's sons are Miguel and my dad.
Duilia's daughter-in-law is Katty.

Level 2

Unit 11 Clothing

A. Make a collage with pictures of people wearing different clothes. Write short conversations about what they are wearing:

Maria: Hi, Carlos. What are you wearing?
Carlos: Hi, Maria. I am wearing a blue jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans. I am also wearing white socks and blue sneakers. What about you?
Maria: I am going to the unversity. I am wearing. a pink top, blue jeans and pink sandals.

B. Make a collage with images of clothing and accesories. Write short conversations about the prices and the colors.

Maria: Excuse me, How much are the brown shoes?
Carlos: They are 200 $
Maria: ahh that's expensive. How much is the pink T-shirt?
Carlos: It's 20 $.
Maria: That's nice. I will take it.

Unit 12  Jobs

A. Make a collage with different jobs and write about the jobs in the pictures. Include your picture and talk about you. Use these questions to help you write the composition:

* What's your name?
* What do you do?
* Where do you work?
* What are you like?


This is Jennifer Lopez. She's a singer, actress and a dancer. She works on TV and movies. She's responsible, hardworking, creative, outgoing

Level 4

Unit 11  Talents

A. Make a collage with Amazing people that has done amazing things!! This is one of he most amazing people in the world and history....

Leonardo Da Vinci

B. Make a power point presentation about your talent. Use these questions to tell about your talent…
What’s your talent? What can you do ? What are you good at?
What do you need to do it?
Explain how to do something related to your talent.
Show some proof of what you say you can do.

 This is an example:


My name's Octavio Duque. I am from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am a law student in URBE. I am a businessman. I have a grocery store.I can manage my business. I can play chess, too.

I need some money to start a business. To play chess I just need a board.

I have my own business because I can't get a normal job. I am disabled but I can manage my small grocery store. I decide to start a bsiness to support my family. Ans I love to play chess.

I can manage my business really well. I am good at this. And I can play chess well, too.

Unit 12 Movies

* Go to and select a movie that you like.
* Get the poster of the movie and the trailer.
* Get the facts fact of the movie: Director,  Release Date, Genre (key words),  Tag line, Plot, Cast (the main actors and actresses, short description of the character in the movie), Fun stuff, trivia: some interesting fact about the movie, quotes: Select a scene of the movie and write the dialog of the scene...
* Get the lyrics and the song of the movie. Point out what part of the song do you like the most and how the song relates to the movie.
* Review of the movie: read several reviews of the movie.. quote some of them and add your group's review...
* What's the message in the movie?
* Post your powerpoint ppt in your blog.. remember to record your voice explaining the slides...
Share your work in Twitter or Facebook..

Level 5

Unit 5 Errands and neigborhoods

A. Make a collage with images of your errands. Write a paragraph describing the errands you run.

B. Make a collage of your neigborhood. Describe it using the following: traffic, safety, shopping, litter, schools, neigbords, public transportation, parks, etc.

Unit 6 School life

A. Make a collage with pictures of your school life. Write a paragraph to describe what your student life is like.
B. Describe your university campus.. add a picture of your university campus
C. Write about your plans ater you graduate. Use will and going to.

Well, that's all for everyone... hope you have fun ..learning and practicing your English.

Keep on shining love and peace.. It was a great trimester!!!

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