Sunday, April 3, 2011

Action... Peace... Get up on your feet and make it happen!

This wonderful speech by Jody Williams was shared with us by Isabel Landino. Thanks Isa... this was a great choice...This is what isa says about the video:
I watched this video and I liked it because it speaks of peace in the world and of people who fight for it and the sacrifices that it must be done to achieve it, the world must fight for peace. These women are admirable.
Listen to the following speech... you can read the subtitles in English.

What does the lady think we should all do to change the world? What do yuo think about that? Come on, leave your comment!

Keep on shining Love and Peace!

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josemejiasji said...

I like it but not totally because I think that we don't need weapons, if people are really civilized we don't need to "protect" for possibles attacks, Socrates said: "No, the man is bad because he don't know", we just need education, not "security"