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level 5. Unit 2 Worldlink

Welcome to Unit 2 for your level 5.

These are the contents of this unit:

Topic: Food
Vocabulary: Adjectives describing foods; restaurants experiences
Grammar: The comparative and superlative form of adjectives.
 Functions: Offering and Suggesting

Unit 2 Bk 2-Presentation

A. Topic: Food
Talking about food and the food we like

Describing Food: Write a food description:

My favorite food is Tacos.  This is a popular Mexican dish.  It is hot and spicy.  It has yellow corn shells.  They are filled with meat, cheese, tomatoes, and salsa.  We eat it with our hands.  It is a popular summer meal in Canada.

Answer these questions:
What type of food is it?, How does it taste?, Is is a hot/cold food?, What is in it?, How do you eat it?, When do you eat it?

Now, it's your turn to describe your favorite dish..

More Exercises:
Adjectives for Describing Food
Food taste, international food English vocabulary, printable worksheets
World food text maze and comprehension exercise

B. A conversation: Offering and Suggesting
Read the following conversation about offering and suggesting food

Maria: Where do you wat to go for dinner?
Jose: I don't know. Why don't we go yo the pizza place on the corner?
Maria: Pizza again? I don't like their pizza. It's too spicy.
Jose: You are right. It's spicier than the pizza at Pizza House.
Maria: Well, I still want to go out tonight. How about the new Japanese restaurant downtown?
Jose: OK! Let's go!

Now, it's your turn .. write and practice a conversation like tis with your classmate.

C. Grammar: Why don’t we - How about 
Formula                                                 Verb Form
Why don't we go to a restaurant?             Use the base form of the verb in a question
We could go to a restaurant.                     Use the base form of the verb in a statement
Let's go to a restaurant.                             Use the base form of the verb with 'let's'
What about going to a restaurant?            Use the '-ing' form of the verb in a question
How about going to a restaurant?             Use the '-ing' form of the verb in a question
I suggest we go to a restaurant.                 Use suggest object verb in the base form in a statement.

D: Grammar Comparative form of Adjectives
    * one-syllable adjectives (clean, new, cheap)
    * two-syllable adjectives ending in -y or -er (easy, happy, pretty, dirty, clever)
  • Adjectives have inflections. That is, adjectives change in spelling according to how they are used in a sentence.
  • Adjectives have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative.
  • The simplest form of the adjective is its positive form. When two objects or persons are being compared, the comparative form of the adjective is used. When three or more things are being compared, we use the adjective’s superlative form.
  • A few adjectives, like good and bad form their comparatives with different words: That is a good book. This is a better book. Which of the three is the best book? He made a bad choice. She made a worse choice. They made the worst choice of all.
  • The comparative forms of most adjectives, however, are formed by adding the suffixes: -er and -est, or by placing the words more and most in front of the positive form.
adjectives of three or more syllables (and two-syllable adjectives not ending in -y/-er)

Exercise on Comparison of Adjectives (5 random adjectives)
Exercise on Comparison of Adjectives (comparative, superlative)

Here we have another video to practice listening to songs..


1. design a collage with different kind of foods and describe then. use adjectives to describe food. You can create a slide show.. ( or Use images and text.
2. Writing: Restaurant review
Choose two restaurants and compare then. Use comparatives and superlatives. Describe the food. talk about prices, location, and service.

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