Sunday, July 1, 2007

Level 2 Unit 13. Giving Directions!

Level 2
Last week we worked on going to the doctor and talking about health problems. These are 2 videos from that lesson.

Here, we have Betty Acuña, Emilia Rincon, Francisco Urdaneta y Clara Verbel

This week people from level 2 worked on unit 13. Unit 13 is about giving and asking for directions. We also talked about places in the city. Here you have some links to exercices to practice giving directions and prepositions of place.

Asking for and giving directions: wordlist
Directions 1: a listening exercise
Watch this video of people giving and asking for directions
Listening game.

Watch this video: Asking & Giving Directions - English180 Lesson 4. this video is from You Tube... so if you're in URBE.. you won't be able to watch it... If you're home... then you won't have any trouble watching it.

Where does he want to go? What places is he lookig for?

We also practice with Prepositions of place practice:
Prepositions of place

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