Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Level 2 R212

These were our Chicos 20 of the first term.... Congratulations.
Endrina Romero and Andreina Barrios.... of course a special person "Rafael Piña" our dear Candy Man.

These are my guys from R212. They are students from Social Communication School, Law School, Integral Education School, Business Managment School, Industrial Relations School, Accounting School and Electronics Engineering School.

Juan Martinez
Irama Casanova
Juan Rengel
Alexander Hidalgo
Andreina Barrios
Endrina Romero
Maria Isea
Solaine Villalobos
Zairiyu Perez
Alonso Suarez
Elimar Parra
Betzibe Troconiz
Andrea Vera
Andrea Vargas
Andrea Villalobos
Yadelsy Contreras
Lissette Perez
Maria Barroeta
Merlly Mendez
Fabiola Valdez
Rafael Piña
Gionrry Chacin

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