Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcoming new level 7 students!

Today I had the pleasure to meet a new group of students. They are from different schools and different worlds... Most of them are from Maracaibo.. there's one girl from Lecheria. Lecheria is in Anzoategui State.
This group is going to be working in "Ingles Estrategico Occupacional" . This class is going to be about their field of expertise... their careers.

They are:
Gabriela Gutierrez is from Maracaibo and a graphic design student. Her blog is this:
Sergio Portillo is also from Maracaibo and an Electronic Engineering student. His blog is
Yamila Souki is from Maracaibo and a Graphic Design Student. Her blog is
Daniela Troiani is from Lecheria and a Graphic Design Student. Her blog is
Franco Roversi is from Maracaibo and an industrial engineering Student. His blog is
Rossana Romero from Graphic Design School
Juan Viscaino from Electronic Engineering School

Well, I'll keep on adding more students... not all them showed up for class today... our first class together.
Keep on shining!

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