Saturday, May 5, 2007

Maracunator Factory!

Hello, there! my friend teacher Nelba suggested we should showcase our best blogs in the project, so today we'll start introducing Maracunator's Factory!

But who's this Maracunator? Well, he's an Informatics Engineering student who likes videogames, anime and the Internet. And I have to add that he's an excellent human being! Christian was specially helpful to his classmates. He's a tutor at the lab and his command of the language allowed him to give his aprtners advice in both computer skills and English. He helped edit some of his classmates compositions. The best about Christian is that he supports his partners and motivates them to keep on working on their blogs.

I liked his blog a lot. In his blog you'll find that he tried to repor his work and how he felt about working with blogs.

Congratulations for the good work.... Christian Meier!

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