Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Level 5 tasks

Level 5... these are you're tasks!

1. Unit 1 * Childhood Memories. Interviewing an older person and telling about his or her childhood memories.
2. Unit 2 * Caught in the rush. Composition and a letter to the mayor telling about Maracaibo's traffic or public service problems.
3. Unit 3 * Time for a change! Composition describing where I live, wish to change about it and my dream house.
4. Unit 4 * I've never heard of that!Favorite recipe and how to cook it.
5. Unit 5 * Going places. Describing my dream vacation.
6. Unit 6 * Sure no problem! A conversation about complaining and apologizing.
7. Unit 7 * What's this for? Describing what things are for and how to use them.
8. Unit 8 * Let's celebrate! Describing customs and events.

Hope you have fun working on your final projects.... can't wait to see them all!
Keep on shining!

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