Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Level 1 tasks

Hi, there! well, here you have the tasks we did in level 1.

1. Unit 1 * Nice to meet you. A dialogue!
2. Unit 2 * Where things are? A collage!
3. Unit 3 * Where are you from? A composition. Describing myself, a friend and someone famous!
4. Unit 4 * Clothes and the weather. What am I wearing?A composition. Describing what people is wearing in a photo.
5. Unit 5 * What are you doing? A composition Describing what people in a photo are doing.
6. Unit 6 * Family and daily routine. A family tree and my daily routine.
7. Unit 7 * My dream house. Drawing and describing my dream house.
8. Unit 8 * Jobs. Describing people's jobs.

Well, hope this help you remember all the tasks we did. Make sure you have done them all!

Keep on shining!


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