Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Level 2 Tasks

Tasks we did in our Level 2 class!

1. Unit 9 * Broccoli is good for you. Draw your food pyramid and write a composition about food.
2. Unit 10 * Talents and sports. Show and tell... a composition about talents and sports.
3. Unit 11 * Festivities! Mind map of a celebration. A composition about your favorite celebration.
4. Unit 12 * At the doctors! Dialogue dramatization.
5. Unit 13 * Where's URBE? Giving directions. Draw a map and explain where places are and how to get to those places.
6. Unit 14 * Last Weekend. Composition about what I did last weekend.
7. Unit 15 * Biographies. Drawing a time line and telling about my life and the life of someone I admire.
8. Unit 16 * Telephones! A conversation.

Looking forward to read your blogs!
Keep on shining!

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