Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blog Format!

Create your own blog to showcase your best work!

A good way to show your portfolio is by using a blog and posting it in the internet. The process of putting together a writing portfolio will also give you the chance to reflect on your own work and how you have grown as an EFL student.

For our project you'll organize your work chronologically.

You should include:

1. A title for your blog.

2. An introductory paragraph focusing on what you did during your EFL English class. As you write your introductory paragraph, keep in mind these guidelines:

Here are some questions to consider when writing your introduction. You do not need to answer all of the questions but you can use them to guide your writing:
• What is your opinion about learning English?
• Write a general description of your classes. What were they about?
• What exactly are you posting in your blog? Include a table of contents listing the title, unit, and date of each piece.

3. Include an entrance per unit and discuss each unit individually. Add pictures, links, or videos to illustrate your work. Here are some guiding questions. Choose one or two to address per unit discussed:
• What's the unit about?
• What did you learn in this unit?
• What skills did you work on when working in this unit?

4. A conclusion reflecting on what you learned from reading the compilation of your works. Use these guidelines as you write your conclusion:

Read all of your pieces.

Here are some questions to consider when you write your project conclusion:
• Reflect on your work during the semester.
• What subject matter did you like the most? What didn't you like? What subject was interesting or boring to you?
• What do you think about having your classes in the lab and writing a blog to showcase your work?
• Describe the tools you used to learn: Computer lab, mind maps, composition writing, interviews, drawings, tutoring, etc.
• How have you evolved as a writer and English student?
• What are your future plans about learning English?

Remember you’re posting your work to the world. It’s very important you check and double check your work before post it to your blog.

What is the editing stage?

The editing stage is when you check your paragraph for mistakes and correct them.

Grammar and Spelling
1. Check your spelling.
2. Check your grammar.
3. Read your composition again.
4. Make sure each sentence has a subject.
5. See if your subjects and verbs agree with each other.
6. Check the verb tenses of each sentence.
7. Make sure that each sentence makes sense.

Well, have fun working on your project.

Keep on shining!

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