Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Level 4 Tasks

More tasks.... Now, it's level 4 turns. Here they are:

1. Unit 9 * Describing yourself. Physical description
2. Unit 10 * Have you ever been to Canaima? Things I've already done and things I haven't done yet.
3. Unit 11 * It's a very exciting city! Describing a city of the world.
4. Unit 12 * It really works! Home remedies
5. Unit 13 * May I take your order? Going to a restaurant: A dialogue and writing restaurant review.
6. Unit 14 * The biggest and the best! Describing and comparing geographical facts about our country.
7. Unit 15 * I'm going to see a musical. Role play a conversation
8. Unit 16 * A change for the better! Telling how I have changed and my plans for the future.

Work hard... it's worthy!
Keep on shining!

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adolfo said...

hello professor I like his blog because she presents a little on you what it likes I hope that pleases my commentary to him follows thus bye