Saturday, November 17, 2007


“SUMANDO PASOS PARA TU VIDA” Adding steps to you life!!!

Last October 24th (Rafael Urdaneta's birthday) 800 students from Urbe walked for two hours and ten minutes a distance of 8 kilometers to participate in the XV Urbe 2007 Marathon. Students walked on Delicias Ave., Universidad Ave., Bella Vista Ave. and Circunvalación No. 2 to finish back in URBE 2 hours later. The idea is to support health and the practice of sports. This activity was promoted by Direccion de Deportes. We want to thank you guys for helping our students and personnel at URBE to stay healthy.

Checking the Dirección de Deportes site I found out that in URBE we have different sport clubs: dancing therapy or bailoterapia, aikido, basketball, ping pong, softball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, taebox, chess, and kicking ball. Visit their site and find out when those clubs get to together and join them.

Here you can see a slide show of the activity.

Now, what about you? Do you play any sports? what sports do you like or don't like? Do you watch sports on TV?

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