Thursday, November 15, 2007

Free Writing Course!

Hello, my dear students! I got this Invitation from Ruth Vilmi, an excellent teacher who dedicates to help students with their writing. If your level of English is upper-intermediate or advanced English, you are invited to join!

This is what she wrote......

English course starting now - free for this round

Hi Online Colleagues and Friends!

My online IWE English course is starting right now, this week, and lasting six weeks. If you are interested in joining for free and writing with Japanese, French and possibly some Argentinian and German students, please register and join Round 55. Try the test section first, and then write an introduction telling about yourself.

I've started a forum with a message called 'Finnish and international students write your introductions here'. You simply reply to my message. Others have started so you get get ideas from them.

I can discuss this more later, but please send an introduction this week if you wish to join. We're a bit short of European partners for the Japanese now.

If you have a class of students with upper-intermediate or advanced English skills they can join too free-of-charge for this round - but everyone who registers must be committed to doing the tasks for six weeks..

See you online soon!

Ruth Vilmi
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