Monday, November 12, 2007

Free hugs at urbe_0003

Free hugs at urbe_0003
Video sent by doris3m

EFL Fun at URBE... Free hugs for the world!

Last thurdsday 8th of November we had our free hugs fun. This is the video.. it's a little long but we didn't want to leave anybody out. What do you think of the video? For those who were there with us... Did you like giving hugs and getting hugs back? Would you do it next semester? For the ones who weren't there.... close your eyes and now imagine the people in the video hugging you.... a Virtual hug is better than nothing.. it isn't as powerful as the real hug but ........ for sure it made you smile. A warm hug for everybody.... this video is dedicated to all of us... we need more hugs in our lives.

Remenber you don't have to wait for a teacher to tell you about all of this... go ahead go find someone to hug!

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