Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Study skills!

Here you have some tips to help you study and get better grades in all your subjects. This list of tips was published by Julia G Jhonson at The Apple

1. Learn to focus while you work. Turn off the phone, music, and other distractions.
2. Use your class time wisely so that you will not have as much work to do at home.
3. Always do your homework. Record the assignments you have before you leave class.
4. Write it down! Take notes in class and as you read.
5. Do not delay learning. Learn the material the first time you see it.
6. Get in the habit of quizzing yourself as you study.
7. Don’t try to cram. Keeping up is far easier than frantically trying to catch up.
8. Make and use flashcards.
9. Get organized and stay that way.
10. Believe in yourself. Have confidence that you can achieve your dreams.
11. Review your class notes within 24 hours.
12. Use colors to help you learn. Write on colored paper or use a bright ink or highlighter.
13. “Looking it over” is a waste of time. Write it down, call it out to a friend, sing it, say it over and over…don’t just stare at the page and daydream.
14. Use your biological clock to your advantage. Study when you are most alert.
15. Plan your work and work your plan.
16. Pay attention when your teacher talks.
17. Make up your work right away when you have been absent.
18. Ask for help when you need it.
19. Take good notes in class and while you read. Then, study those notes.
20. When you study notes, mark them up. Underline or circle key points. Draw arrows to connect facts…whatever works for you.

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