Sunday, September 30, 2007

Venezuela mine!


Paola Alaña said...

this is a really nice video shows how beautiful is our Country. i love it and i saw some places that i do not know but i would like to. I also like how this video shows the diversity of our country

hector nava said...

Marcel Marceau
he was best mimo in the World
nationality French
lamentable he dies last week by complicationsof its age

Hector Nava
Leves 4 CI41

milan_kurt said...

this videos is amaizing you can see the beautifull places of Venezuela XD

Joel' h Fuenmayor said...

To live in this country is really impressive, The beauty of his beaches, mountains. I like how this video shows the diversity of our country.

Anonymous said...

That video is very beautiful because show different beautiful landscapes of our country, and it gives us to know a little in the world.

Saša said...

Beautiful! Hope to be able to explore some of it some day. I was quite surprised to see the photo of a karst cave (with stalactites and stalagmites)- there are many such caves in our tiny Slovenia, on the other side of the globe.