Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trimester sep/dec2007 week 3

Hello, everyone! We are starting week three of this trimester. This is to remind you that this week we will working with the following units and contents.

Level 1
Unit 2 * Where things are? A collage!

* Draw or cut out some pictures and make a collage of common objects. Write short conversations asking and telling where things are in your collage.

New Interchange exercises
Common Objects
this/these - it/they
yes/no and where questions

Level 2

Unit 10 * Talents and sports.


*Show and tell... bring your talent to class and show what you can do... if not we won-t believe you..

*a composition about talents and sports.

New Interchange Exercises

Can for ability

Simple present


Sports - simple present wh questions

Level 4

Unit 10 * Have you ever been to Canaima?


Write a short composition about 3 things you have already done (tell when you did them) and 3 things you haven't done yet but plan to do.

New Interchange exercises

Activities you have done or haven-t done

For and since

Simple past&Present perfect

Unit 5

Unit 2 * Caught in the rush.


letter to the mayor telling about Maracaibo's traffic or public service problems.

New Interchange exercises

Adverbs of quantity

Common questions

compound nouns / countable and uncountable nouns

Indirect questions (wh-questions)

Level 6 - Speaking Group

Unit 1 * Describing Yourself

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johann said...

well i think this is a good idea because this is a way to forget all the differences and give to some people a little bit of love... is that bad? i dont think so.