Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trimester Sept-Dec 2007! Welcome everybody!

Well, a new trismester have started this week! Wow! new students, new bloggers, new adventures... Hope this trimester you can learn a lot... Share a lot... and have F.U.N = (frivolous, unanticipacited, nonsese) This means learn, have fun and don't worry too much about how well you are doing... Just do something!

Well, these are the new classes!


Anonymous said...

My name is:María Isabella Finol Graziano
Lusiano Pavarotti,he is the best singer in the world, his songs are good. He helps poor kids because he is a good person and he has visited my country many times!

Joha said...

Pavarotti. A man with classic music that touched many hearts because of his feelings. I really liked his music, and I know many people enjoyed his music.

Tibahire said...

Hello..! This is Tibahire Arandia writing. I'm in my 5th semester of Mass Comunication, or Journalism, like many people say at Urbe. I just dropped by to say hi, and let you know, that I am interested in this class, and I'm really looking foward to learn a lot. Bye..! :)

Barbara Brajlih said...

Hi, my name is Barbara Brajlih and I`m from Slovenia. I just dropped by, and let you know that i was reading your blogs. This is my first time on your web but i will come again next time. Bye and have fun... ;)

Barbara Brajlih said...

Hi, I`m Barbara and I just dropped by to say hi to every one