Friday, February 26, 2010

Our third session in Second Life.. a visit to the Alhambra!!!

Last Wednesday was a fun day... we visited the Alhambra in Secondlife. According to Wikipedia...

The Alhambra (Arabic: الْحَمْرَاء‎, Al-Ḥamrā' , literally "the red one"), the complete form of which was Calat Alhambra (الْقَلْعَةُ ٱلْحَمْرَاءُ, Al-Qal'at al-Ḥamrā' , "the red fortress"), is a palace and fortress complex constructed during the mid 14th century by the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus, occupying a hilly terrace on the southeastern border of the city of Granada, now in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.
Once the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court, the site became a Christian palace. Within the Alhambra, the Palace of Charles V was erected by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1527. After being allowed to fall into disrepair, the Alhambra was "rediscovered" in the 19th century. It is now one of Spain's major tourist attractions and exhibits the country's most famous Islamic architecture, together with Christian 16th-century and later interventions in buildings and gardens.
These are some photos we have taken of our trips in second life.....

Encuentra más fotos como esta en thekatamy

To visit the Alhambra in Secondlife just click here. If you want to visit the alhambra in SL.. you can try this exercise designed by la profesora... Amy Fullerton.

Alhambra Activity:

Go to the Alhambra using the link provided in your note card. While you are looking at the architecture and the paintings discuss your favorite areas.  Don’t for get to look up!  Explore the space and complete the following activities.  (This may be divided into multiple sessions)

1.    Find the “tienda” (shop) that sells belly-dancing outfits and use the dance balls located there. Take a video or picture.
2.    Find the “patio de los leones” and take a picture of your group there (one picture per group).
3.    Go to the market place in the city and take a picture of your favorite items there (one for each member of your group).
5.    Find the mosque.  Get the information (on the “I” sign) and follow the directions to enter the mosque.  Spend sometime there discussing the Moorish architecture.
6.    Find the Arabian bathhouse or the Arabian teahouse.  Have a coffee or a dip and talk with your friends.  You may refer to your history notecard on the Alhambra and discuss the things you learned and saw.
7.    ***Optional: If you would like, purchase a flamenco outfit (this costs money) for our party later on at the end of the project. 
This is what Daniela share with us...To follow her adventures in SL, visit her blog...Danik100...

There are still more adventures to come... hope you can all join us... remember we are getting together from Monday to Thursday. 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Keep on shining Love and Peace



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