Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ayiesha Woods 'Never'

This sog was shared by Maybe Gutierrez from level 1 S112. Hope you enjoy it, too!! You can visit her blog: Life in Pink... go there and leave a hello to her in the comment area...

You've been told so many times before that love will give up on you
Cause it has never been the kind of door that you could just walk through
And now you're so afraid and so unsure that love will fill your life
But don't believe the lie cause…

Not even for a minute
One day you will believe it
Cause I'm here and I will never give up on you
Let my love start to fill it
Let your heart start to feel it
I will never give up on you

Let me ask a simple question
What are you looking for?
Peace of mind, joy inside
Or is it something more?
Cause everything you need is waiting at the door
What are you waiting for?
You don't have to search no more cause...

I will be the one to be real with you
Cause I'm here for you
Always and forever
And I will be the one to hold your hand
I'm that kind of friend
And I will never leave, no…

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