Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Walls Talking

Do you like Graffiti? We have been invited by Sasha Sirk, a wonderful EFL teacher from Slovenia, to participate in a wonderful project. This is the description and how to participate:

Listen to the Walls Talking
: A Graffiti Project

The idea is to 'listen' to the graffiti talk around us (on our walls, doors, desks, chairs, floors, T-shirts, schoolbags, etc.), and to record and share interesting finds.

Collecting graffiti from our walls, desks chairs and sharing them could provide us with a picturesque collection of expressions of wisdom/boredom/enthusiasm/dissatisfaction etc. from different places. This could perhaps be revealing in quite unexpected ways and could provide us with many interesting possibilities for further interpretations, explorations and manipulations.

This project was started by Saša Sirk who then discovered Carla had been thinking along the same lines months earlier. The project is open to anyone interested, and will run for as long as there is interest. Anyone is invited to join in (individuals, teachers, classes, students...) and/or help spread the word. The project wiki is here.


Joining the Project
So... are there any graffiti out there around you that you like, messages that you perhaps find meaningful or simply want to share? Do you have a cellphone with a camera or a camera to take the photo? Want to join in?

Here's how:

1. Take a photo of your graffitti,

2. Record the following graffiti info

  • Posted by: (your name)
  • Graffitti message: (write out the message as seen)
  • Date: (e.g. March 09),
  • Place: (e.g. street wall)
  • Town: (e.g.Nova Gorica)
  • Country: (e.g. Slovenia)
  • Translation in English (if applicable) and/or comment why you find the message meaningful/worth sharing

3. Upload your photos and related information here or send it to the Walls Talking Flickr group and have a look at what others have contributed here or in the Flickr group. The simple to use form for uploading graffiti photos was added to the project site, because we wanted everybody to be able to join in, also wall stalkers who are not flickr users. The collected photos by non-flickr users are then added (licensed, tagged and credited) to flickr photo stream and in the Walls Talking Flickr group.

Here you can see that we already have three photos of T-shirts participating in the project.

So, get your cameras and participate with your favorite graffiti!

Also join, our EFL University for Walls Talking Group....

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Saša said...

Ahoj, Doris,
thanks for sharing. :-)) There have been some lovely contributions from your country. Much appreciated, really. Looking forward to continuing this colorful ride. Hugs and kisses from the other side of the world.