Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Practice your English at British Council Learn Engish!

Hello, everybody! Hope you are having a relaxing time this Carnival break! Well, this is to invite you to visit the British Council Learn English Central site.... about themselves... they say:

LearnEnglish is not a 'course'. It doesn't have Unit 1 followed by Unit 2, etc. Instead, LearnEnglish is a like a restaurant with a long menu of learning activities. Today you might want to practise some grammar. Tomorrow you might want to play one of our games or read a story. Soup, meat or fish - you'll find them all here.

This week, they are presenting everything about Chinese New Year

See an article, a story, a word game, a cartoon, some trivia and links
Well, what are you waiting for... go there and find out everything you can about the Chinese New Year.

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