Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let♥s get Green and Help Save the Earth!

Hello, everybody! For this term we are going to participate in a little project to help save the earth. Want to be part of it?... Well, first let's find out how you are contributing to destroy the earth... yeah, destroy the earth... that planet where we all live... yes.... that one!!!

Take the ECP Carbon & Lifestyle Calculator test and register to EarthLab. This is a site with lot of interesting tips on how we can contribute to save our beautiful planet.

This test allow you to know how much carbon dioxide you are producing with your lifestyle. Also, you can save your results and track your improvements. Pledge to take action and reduce your score. In other words, you can create your private and personal plan to contribute to save the earth.

Take the First Step!
Get Your Score, and Start
Making a Difference Today!

As part of this little project, we will be discussing and learning new vocabulary related to climate change, and global warming. A good starter will be visiting some of the following sites to read and learn more about this interesting and important issue in our lives.
Some signs of climate change in our country:
In Venezuela according to Climate Hot , of six glaciers in the Venezuelan Andes in 1972, only 2 remain, and scientists predict that these will be gone within the next 10 years. In December 1999. The heaviest rainfall in 100 years caused massive landslides and flooding that killed approximately 30,000 people. Total December rainfall in Maiquetia, near Caracas, was almost 4 feet (1.2 m), more than 5 times the previous December record. The high death toll was attributed to population growth in vulnerable areas and forest clearing on steep hill slopes.

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¡patty! said...

hi people! i think this test it´s very usefull, because we can see what we are doing wrong and what we are doing fine! take a minute and do it! it´s great!
patty perche