Saturday, October 13, 2007

My first Meme!!

Hello, everybody! Meme... what-s that? that was exactly my question when I read a post called My first Meme at Teacher Nelba Quintana-s blog. She got it from her student María Luján's meme. So, a meme is an idea which spreads. Digging a little short for: Multitasking Extensible Messaging Environment. If you want to know more about memes, you can visit Chris Garret-s blog

All you have to do to follow our meme is to answer to the question How did you get started to use Internet? and pass it to two more friends to continue spreading their answers... it-s like a virus... you get it and you pass it to your friends....

This is my answer to Nelba-s Meme ...... and my first Meme!!!!

Hi, my dear Nelba! How did I get started? well, I was doing my postgrade studies on Educational informatics back in 2002, at that time educative software was ruling and using internet was 1.0. But something great happened... I found Webheads in Action... my dear webheads taught me everything I know about the internet and how to use it to teach. That was in 2003, that year I had the oportunity to meet some of my best friends and brothers and sisters. Dafne as you know is from venezuela and she-s one one my fairy godmothers... I have several (Karen Garcia, Susan Nyrop, Buthaina, Teresa and of course Vance - the godfather) when I started everything they told me was like a fantasy or magical... it feels the same way now, though. Throught webhads I found you and now we are working together in this wonderful project Writingmatrix.

First I joined the Weabheads in Action community of practice which is a Yahoo Group for EFL teachers. Of course, I started using chat often and loved being closed to my new friends when I needed them the most. I remember my first chat experience in a public chat room.... it was awful... nobody wanted to talk to me... and when they finally did, one person told me if my id name standed for Doris 3 machos... I was really shocked and what was worst was that my husband was reading over my shoulder and he said what are you doing, this chat thing is really dangerous, don-t do it again. That-s way it-s better to have your own friends in your messenger list. It worked really good.

Next I created my own website using frontpage to design it (You can look at it here ). Later, I started my own Yahoo groups for my different classes. Finally, Web 2.0 arrived and webheads started working with blogs. I started my first blog thanks to Vance Stevens and his invitation to join his course about Multiliteracies (here is my first blog).

What-s for tomorrow? I think we-ll keep on connecting people, teaching, sharing and learning. A hug!

* I pass this meme to Alejandro Araujo, Juan Carlos Ulluoa and Cristina Velasco

if you want to leave your meme.. post it here and in your blog... don-t forget to pass it to three more friends... (pingback)

This is Orianna-s meme
This is a friend from Slovenia
Velišček Matej


Orianna said...

How I did get started to use Internet???...Well, I discovered this wonderful world one day when I was in my mother’s office and I started to play with her computer, and suddenly I saw a very small picture of the planet and said "EXPLORER" and as a curious girl I cliked on it! When that was opened I was in shock! I never saw a thing like that and of course I liked that strange thing, and I asked my mom to show me how to used it. And my mother, tired of my "BERRINCHES" signed me up in a course! And that was how I opened my first email account in Starmedia. In this webpage I discovered the so called "CHAT" and I started to make friends from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, EE.UU and so many other countries! And I’m still in touch with them! But some times I find some very nasty people! You have to be very careful with chats because there are all kind of people out there!

Some time later my first boyfriend (I was 12 years old) send me an email with an invitation to join him in the messenger community and that was how I downloaded the hotmail messenger, and now I have all my friends in one place to communicate with them. It IS WONDERFUL I love it!!..

I still find some new stuff about the Internet! It never ends!

Now I’m a cybernetic freak, I do everything with the Internet. I send postcards to my friends, talk with them, play, use chat, check my email, my grades of the university, make payments of the credit card, check my bank account, and search for my homework, and keep my blog updated! It’s a great invention..!

I pass this meme to: Gianni, Jormary and Juan...

Borut V. said...

I started using internet around 10 years ago. I think it happpened when I was attending the Secondary school of Economics. Our School library provided us some PC computers with internet connection so we were very happy to have an opportunity to try this new instrument. First of all I checked some interesting web pages about entertainment, sports, politics, culture, health, how people round the world spend their free time and also how to communicate with other users. Later when I became more experienced about using Inetrnet, I was looking for whatever I wanted. My favourite sites were and it has still been Google, Yahoo, YouTube,...Then I decided to create my own e-mail address to be in touch with other friends. Today I can use a lot of types of chatting, Windows Live Messenger and from October 2007 I have also created my first blog. I'm looking forward to use them as much as possible for everything I will be interested in.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good question.... How I did get started to use Internet?.. let me think.. I guess it was because my sister, I have 4 sisters older than me so! my last sister likes coputer a lot so she teach me all I know now, one day like 10 years ago, she show me that in the screen of the computar was a little world named Internet Explorer, with that I can search for everything I wanted, later she opened me an email in Hotmail I was so exciting because I was going to speak with people in different countries, however I don't knew enyone in that time with email..jjaja.. But later I make somre friends.. and a very good friend of mine send me to an email, and he tell me that created a count of messenger, with that we can talk with instanting messages.. Since then I use the internet for everthing its very useful... it's the best invention, I love it.

Michelle Morales