Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day! Save the world save your big house!!!

Blog action day? what-s that? another interesting question... well, here it-s the answer...
On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind. Environment!!! What do you think about it? should we be concerned with what-s happening in the world?

Today in class, we talked about Blog Action Day and the environment..... We all know that Planet Earth is our big house and whatever happens to the planet is important to us. We are responsible for what happens in our house. Since the Earth is our house we should keep it clean and beautiful. Global warming is affecting our house. Ice is melting and the water level in seas and rivers is raising to a point that the weather is going extreme and extreme weather is causing a lot of damage and death all around our big house. What can we do to stop global warming?
  • Recycling
  • carpooling
  • stop polluting
  • act, care, be awared
  • Saving energy... turning off the lights when we go out a room... for example
This is what "Arthus" a 14 year-old student from Vermont has to say about environmental ideas.... Check it out!

Do you have more ideas? let us know by leaving a comment...

In honor of Blog Action Day, Blogger-s people wanted to highlight some of the many Blogger-powered blogs that are focused on the environment, climate change, and sustainability. Want to see more Blog Action Day participants from around the web? Find them on Blog Search.
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marielina said...

I think that global warming is a problem that concern to all mankind because we are killing our planet, as a result of the high level of contamination that human and industrial development generates.

Anonymous said...

I think that this difficulty by passing our planet is something that involves us all, with the passing of time the efforts of man to destroy the planet is causing a serious problem, and that in some way or another is affecting us all . I think we have to create that to save our planet, to help with the recycling, pollution, gas our vehicles among other things, to live in a better world, free of pollutants that destroy our planet.

Dalimar Magrini

Grecia said...

I think that global warming is a problem.The earth is our home must be greater love is the only we have.
This is the truth:
Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100 years. But why? And how? Well, scientists are not exactly sure. The Earth could be getting warmer on its own, but many of the world's leading climate scientists think that things people do are helping to make the Earth warmer.
It is time to do our job.
Save the Earth

Grecia Oberto

Joha said...

It is worrying and of great emergency deterioration in the ozone layer, climatic changes caused instability in our world. One reason is the use of products in spray and circulation of vehicles deteriorating by the carbon monoxide that ejected.

Anonymous said...

I want to save my planet but, some people don't have fells. The people only think about yourself. We need more solutions fast, i always think all the people should be work together for the world elina plumacher

marielina said...

People don’t know the damage we are doing to our earth but, we can contribute to this global cause with personal actions. We can help immediately by becoming more energy efficient. Reducing our use of oil, gasoline and coal also sets an example for others to follow. We can do small think with a big result like: replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent one, we can drive less and, walk and bike more by doing these we can help reduce gas consumption and carbon dioxide on earth; recycle more and buy recycled; avoid products with a lot of packaging; plant a tree; turn off electronic devices when not in use. These small think will do of our earth a happier and healthier earth to live.

Anonymous said...

the planet is beatiful but we are runing out, the contaminantions, i thing create that to save the planet for live a better world.whit campaings hel our planet and helping to save the ozone layer.HERMAN OLIVARES

Anonymous said...

I think global warming is a very serious problem because is afecting our lives, its because our ways to lives and some people dont want to see that we are detroying our world, if we dont start to do something now, maybe it's going to be too late. We need to created campaign for recycling, to take care the ozono layer and another thing like that. We need to save the planet

Michelle Morales

Anonymous said...

yeah.. good style..