Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let's cook!

I found these amazing sites where you can find recipes.

One of the site's name's Visual Recipes. Here you can find all the info on how to cook your favorite recipe, step by step illustrated with photos. Excellent for our lessons on food and cooking.

Also you can participate following the next steps:

Step 1) Create A Free Account
Step 2) Upload up to 22 photos you took while preparing your recipe.
Step 3) Write a caption for each photo describing what you are doing.
Recipes With Photos Make You Want To Cook....

Here it's an example: Brownies ...

Also, This site will show you a video and give you the transcript of the video, explaining how to prepare your recipe.

Here's the example: Homemade Lemonade

For more go to the sites and happy cooking everybody!

Keep on shining!

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.·:::Dainesita:::·. said...

I love you blog is very beautifful, pretty and funny. in my opinion is interesenting for the videos and photos.